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Does anyone know if the 905 will be launched in standard finishes (like the rest of the Heritage series)?

Also, why the round ports in front? Why would they have not used the new rectangle ports like all the rest of the Heritage line?


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I don't know the answers but I listened to them for quite a while at the PWK birthday blast and they sound really good.  They are currently setup in the Klipsch visitors center in Hope with some nice McIntosh tube equipment.  People were playing from their phones with bluetooth and those speakers handled several different types of music very well.

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1 hour ago, richieb said:

Kinda looks like the horn is a 510/mumps with an oversized outside fascia for cosmetics.


Pretty sure it is a K-510 horn with a K-691 compression driver.  The MCL-905 is almost certainly a cosmetically dressed up KPT-904-M cinema speaker.



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