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Original Cornwalls ('79) vs Cornwall IV or LaScala AL5s


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22 hours ago, JoseCanseco said:

That looks so sick but my wife is never going to let me add a bass bin that big to the living room. Maybe new Cornwall's it is ūü§£

You made me do it... I couldn't resist. My wife was quite tolerant of these...




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On 3/21/2023 at 5:40 AM, Shakeydeal said:

I am pretty sure you can only bi-wire the AL5, but not biamp.


As for subs, don't cheap out here. And don't go small. Two will give you a flatter in room frequency response and will be easier to dial in than one. I'd say 15" driver at a minimum.


Whatever you go with, save room in your budget for one of these:




I will not ever own subwoofers again without it.



Quick question for you? I have a REL sub connected to the speaker connections for high level from sub to integrated. How would I connect the anti-mode in my system?

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6 hours ago, Dave1291 said:

BOTH!  :)

I fully agree, and my late wife, Invidiosulus' mom, was really the same way. Before having large speakers, I often had guitars out and recording gear spread throughout the house, with friends over to record music.


I'm thankful for being blessed twice in that regard.

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