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Mcintosh C26


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45 minutes ago, Fido said:

Congrats that setup looks awesome. I bet that system sounds fantastic.

I had a C26 when I was 19. If I'm considered old by now, that pre amp is older, and still works, I presume. But what about the Capacitors? Maybe don't wear like in speakers, but the question remains if it is to full spec?

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On 4/8/2023 at 5:17 PM, OO1 said:

impressive , a time capsule  ,the preamp  looks brand new 

I bought the Mcintosh from someone who owned it for 40 years and he was the second owner. It was well taken care of. I tried many different preamps with good results but this is outstanding!! I can't believe how my Decware 2.3 watt amp can make my Forte ii sing! So musical. So full.

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My "other system" 

1990 La Scalas, Quicksilver 25watt Horn Mono tube amps, Bottlehead Foreplay preamplifier, Rega Planer 3 with Ortofon Blue cartridge, Vincent phono preamplifier, Rega Apollo CD player. Spinning Pink Floyd Meddle remastered vinyl while posting this. Never sounded better! Sorry for the black and white photo. Will not upload color photo.


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