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Where did I post "K-Horns for Sale" ?


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I have a beautiful set of 1965 K horns for sale - sequential SN, in Beautiful Condition and 100% original; I've owned them for 20 years, bought from a California Estate.


Where do I post them on this forum?



KR Small.png

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On 5/28/2023 at 10:02 AM, OO1 said:

asking price ?

just posted an ad ... semi open to negotiations ;) 


I've had them for 20 years; bought from a CA estate sale ... Damm Fine Condition, always in a conditioned space.  Tops are in Great Shape too - no water stains, etc.

I think I can clear $7000; will deliver some millage - located in Wilmington, NC.


I've had the Scott for maybe 5 years, had been rebuilt by another - I sent it to my local tech who cleaned it up a bit more and reset the variables, like bias with Good Old Tubes; a spare set of old and matched 7591 Power Tubes included; real 7199 PI's; with wooden cabinet - paire So Well with these Klipschorns - you've - or at least I - never experienced that mids-punch.   I think I can clear $1300, and it'a and shame to break up this marriage.


My Files are too big ... I'll come back in a bit to add more.


Ask Questions.

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