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New amplifier for Klipsch Cornwall IV's


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13 hours ago, pnort said:

back of the tv had 25,000 Volts with cathode tubes! But if you turned one off, unplugged it and waited a bit there was no danger.

I started not to post but for safeties sake. There is a possibility that there will be high voltage on that thing days if not weeks later. Stay out of those old TV's unless you are sure of what you are doing. Capacitors can hold a charge for a long time if not safely discharged. High voltage DC is much safer than AC but still capable of doing damage. 

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I ran some old Parasound amps with my La Scala HT system.  They make excellent sounding gear, warm and smooth.  I doubt you will find any integrated amp that will sound better.  Integrated are compact and simple without wires everywhere, but all separates traditionally sound better. 


Nothing wrong with experimenting so you'll know, but my take is that you are dragon hunting. 

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