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Thanks for posting this. I had missed it earlier. It's always nice to get clearly explained pieces, and this sure is. Just like going. Back to my Navy electronics schooling and industrial electronics classes. Everything builds on the previous section.


Hope you've been doing well.



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When I tore down my "CCAR" (Cheap Chinese Amp Refit) to begin redesigning it the way I wanted, one of the first parts I planned to get rid of was the twenty-nine-cent volume pot that originally came in it. I was amused to find that this crappy volume pot had a very hefty, nicely-machined solid-aluminum knob about 2" (50.8mm) in diameter, with setscrew, attached to it. The knob didn't even fit the knurled shaft of the pot. Now it sits firmly on a nice, full-sized, smooth-turning Alpha Electronic stereo volume pot.

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