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Forte II repaint suggestions


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Picked up a pair of Forte II’s. Looking to clean them up a bit, I decided to sand to get out some imperfections and repaint them black. I don’t care about exactly matching the original black. I’m having a hard time finding the right process and paint. I don’t want to get extremely involved or sped tons of money on equipment. Looking to throw down a few coats of spray paint. 

so my questions….


If I use “regular” spray paint, do I need to do multiple coats and do I need to finish with a clear coat? 

if I use spray paint lacquer do I need to do multiple coats and do I need to do a clear coat on top? 

Any recommendations on the process and any recommendations on the type of spray pain I would greatly appreciate. 

will try to get some photos uploaded/hyperlinked 

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I'm about to repaint some speakers using Krylon Black Satin Acrylic Latex paint which is about the closest thing currently to the Valspar Satin Black I used years ago refinishing some KLF-30's.  I may strip and repaint my CF-3 v1's back to Satin Black (they already are) as the paint looks really bad from the factory...like Mary Jane Monday paint job.  If there's oak underneath, I could care less as I'd rather have satin black as I would to look at oak veneer.  Many times, sub-par veneer versions on speakers would be shot with black satin to cover it up as it didn't meet their standards....with any manufacturer. 


As mentioned already, and is always true, preparation is key to a good finish. 





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