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Tube Dudes....what do I have?


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Wife went to an online estate sale and for $25, bought contents of an entire double wide shelving unit.  Guy must have been an electician or lineworker or something in the field that might zap- you!


Pulled out a Western Electric Electron Tube, 355A with 6226 under it.  It's one of those (huge) tubes that has a connector on the top of the dome.


I'm guessing it's a transmitter tube or something that nobody in the world of sound might want (?) I'm just trying to figure out what it is.  It's in the factory box with factory wrapping HOWEVER this dude kept everything (saw old plumbing items that were the old units)


This appears to be pristing.  Would someone like DeWick be able to put this on a tester?  I'd want to think so but I realize he's retired so might not want to fool with it.  (my logic is if he can validate its performance numbers, it might be worth more)


In the end, means little to me and I'll slap it up on that other website to see if someone in the world wants it.



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Yep, I had seen that.  


Number of years ago, a friend of mine passed.  I bought all the electronics stuff not knowing what all was in there.  Ended up finding a matched quad of Western Electric 300B tubes.  Took them to DeWick for testing.  Though I don't recall the numbers, two of them were just a hair apart (and had been in an amp that used two of them) the other two had slightly higher (or was it lower?) values....and they were within a hair BUT had not been used.  So the 4 of them weren't 'identical' at this point but it was 2+2.  Slapped them on Ebay with DeWicks analysis sheet and they ended up being sent to Hawaii for $1,500.


That was a nice surprise.



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Picture of tube for those like me who've never seen one.


I do have a question...  the upside down picture at the bottom of the glass is a black/dark piece of something floating around in there.  Doesn't seem to rattle so I infer it's not a "hard" item....  


What might that be or, could that be something inside that has detached itself?


Or maybe, it's what is used as you roll the tube around in your hands, to clean the inside of the glass?!!! :o


(pardon the pictures being out of whack, I thought I fixed them)









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It would be worth more if you had two. There are DIY guys that use these. I have no clue what they are worth but they are fun....

My friend Dave used them for whacky creations.

These are scary AF to light up and not for the faint of heart 2.5v 16a. I am in favor of overbuilding and doing stupid things but these are insanity. The diy crowd use them as rectifiers the grid as a plate and leave the plates alone.




Jeffrey Jackson used them for a field coil supply..





If they don't find a home let me know.




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Same guy had these.  The "tubes" (hollow copper items, almost look like couplings however I'm highly doubting that's their use)


Got a dozen or so.  Maybe use them as floor risers to keep the wire off the floor!  Yeah that might be a ticket (unfortunately my wires go through the ceiling & walls)


Oh, and a mega ground lug on the right!  My middle finger will fit in that thing.


If anyone has a clue what these are used for, I'd be intrigued to hear (they mean nothing to me, just more stuff that was at this estate sale in an all inclusive package my wife bought)







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