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For Sale......Lehmann and Schiit - My generosity knows no bounds, ha!


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I have been a little crazy over the years with my pricing of used gear. I have loved giving the Forum Members insanely good value. Well this time you are going to think I am nuts. I assure you I am not. It is just so much fun to see folks jaws hanging open in disbelief. Especially coming into the Holiday season.


In two other threads, I have listed a phono stage and a solid-state stereo preamp. I am going to put them in a package so the buyer can enjoy some great gear at a ridiculous price and I can scrape together some money for Christmas. Payment with PayPal. If you need a couple references I may be able to talk Deano and Craig into, lets see how it goes. However you like. Buyer will have to cover any fees. Packages are fairly small and light from California.


OK, here is my offer to you. You purchase my Lehmann Black Cube SE II MC/MM Phono Preamp in Silver (like new)for my current asking price of $900.00 (which is already a killer deal and I will include a Schiit Audio Freya S Solid State Stereo Preamp in Silver (like new) to you for $100.00 (paid $649.00 last August for it. Keep it and use it, throw it away, do what you will it is yours. Oh, it is a damn good preamp by the way.I will include a copy of my Invoice from Schiit if you like. The Lehmann is a couple years older but it sold new for$1599.00 I believe. Two wonderful pieces of gear that work extremely well together or just as well apart. I bought them to make sure my 3-way active with DSP configuration would work when I am Ready and it kicked ***. About two years away from being able to put it all together so bye bye for now.


With pricing like this I am not going to fool around, let's get it done. PM is cool.


Kindest Regards,





lehmann-black-cube-se-ii-phono-preamplifier (2).jpg

lehmann-black-cube-se-ii-phono-preamplifier (1).jpg

freya s back 1920.jpg

freya S insitu 1920.jpg

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Thanks Fellas. greatly appreciated.


I am really surprised nobody has jumped on this. Even if you don't need it find a use for it. Or sell it yourself and make some money. I just have a timing constraint and need to get this done. Anybody know anybody who knows anybody? Price didn't work so what's next?

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