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  • Shakeydeal changed the title to JTR Orbit Shifter LFU 18" Horn Subwoofer (Pair available)

FYI, I am using the black background and can not see the description without highlighting it.  


Up for sale I have a JTR Orbit Shifter LFU Horn Subwoofer in great condition. Unit works perfectly and has no issues. This is one of the more extreme subwoofers you can get for a home. This is NOT the pro model that cuts off response in the high 30s. This will dig well below 20 hz in room. If you aren't familiar with this sub, EACH these will arguably best most pairs of DUAL 18" ported subs with far better SQ and attack of a Horn sub.


The Orbit Shifter LFU is a folder horn subwoofer loaded with a 18′′ driver and a 4000 watt amplifier that has been digitally optimized for the smoothest frequency response and highest possible output with minimal distortion.




Frequency 1/- 3db 22-125hz

(useful output below 10hz in room)

Amplifier 4000 watt RMS, 7200 watt burst

Dimensions 50” x 22” x 36” (HxWxD)

Weight 225lbs

Construction 15mm, 11ply, void free, Baltic Birch several times stronger and more expensive than MDF)

Exterior Finish Matte black paint

Connections XLR and RCA



• All new cabinet for increased output, lower distortion and smoother response

• 18″ subwoofer driver with 33mm xmax each way , +4″ peak to peak

• Driver’s motor strength of 256 (bl^2/re).

• 14 foot long folded horn

• Heavily braced cabinet

• Huge horn throat for minimal turbulence and compression

• Completely front firing for versatility

• 4000 watt RMS, 7200 watt burst amplifier

• NEW Features include RCA connectors, 12v trigger, auto turn on, adjustable delay, low end, and low pass filter



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