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Sansui 5000x for Heritage series IV's


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Hello all!

I did a search here and elsewhere and didn't find a response so apologies if this has been asked before.


I have a fully restored Sansui 5000x that I absolutely love, and am very interested in upgrading my current speakers. On paper it looks like the Sansui would be a good match for the series IV's, looking primarily at Heresy or Forte (don't have room for the others), but wanted to get this group's opinion. Anyone have experience with this match? 

Thanks in advance!

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7 minutes ago, Estes said:

Thank you! Very informative forum. 


And thanks for the feedback! Glad to hear they match well! Hoping to have a chance and listen at a local shop in the next couple of weeks.

Let us know what you think please. Thanks

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14 minutes ago, Estes said:

Just connected a set of Heresy IV's up to the Sansui. Amazing sound. Just wow... Had no idea what I was missing 

Congrats. I have been a Sansui fan for a while. I have not had the 5000x or any of the older receivers except for the 9090db. I have had the G8700 and I still have the G8000 and it's a keeper. The CA/BA and older AU7700, AU7900, etc sound great too. 

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