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OK ladies (Klipsch bashers)


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I only registered to post this general statement. I realize it's driven, in part, by opinion. I also realize i'll get charred by many.

I have been reading here and there the reactions of some to the recent announcement of changes in klipsch's distribution practices. Many have voiced his or her discontent over the bb issue, and in particular, the mediocrity with which a brands name is associated when distributed at similar retail chain stores. Yes, the kid working there may not know the difference between the syns and refs (no disrespect to any employee thereof, just going with the stereotype), and he may not care. But this doesn't seem to be the real gripe here.

Everyone is bashing the syns because they don't sound like the refs. Well damn, i suppose that's why they don't carry the ref series name, or more importantly, the ref price tag. All you faithful klipschers are ramming this company for producing a speaker that puts the brand name within the reach of mortal 9to5ers. The guy who kinda knows about home audio or maybe has heard of the rep klipsch has might spring for the syns over sony or jvc or whatever, and become a loyal purchaser. When he's ready to upgrade, he'll know what to look for, and the refs will be there waiting. Still coming off the same tables with the same care as always.

Everyone who likes a chevy might not have the purchasing power to buy a vette, but they'll put their money into a cavalier because of what they believe chevy does. Got it?

All this *****in and moanin about the company selling out or going commercial is overtly hypocritical. While i'm sure the people up top still want to manufacture a fantastic product, they also have a business to run. I'm certain that model is growth, and i doubt that includes a cut in the high end.

As for those wimpering about where will the people go for the high end or how will they know, these people aren't going to be going to a chain looking for the high end stuff. They already know what they're looking for, and they'll find it, and the newcomers at the entry level that bought at the chain will find it when they're ready for the upgrade.

This was in no way meant to offend anyone, but some of you folks should read what you're posting. This is the thanks klipsch gets for selling you all the equipment you show in your posts as your current system... Polk and bose are probably reading here and laughing all the way to the bank.

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nash, you have some very good points. As I have said in the past, I personally don't care if they are sold in a KMart or in someones garage, all I care about is that when I listen to them, I get to hear them in a good environment and the sales staff know what they are talking about and is not just trying to feed me fluff. I don't want to deal with some kid who works stereo one day and kitchen appliances then next.2.gif

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hey nash thanks for stickin up for the synergies. i too suddenly feel that the synergy line isnt getting any praise in here. After all they are klipsch speakers. how bad can they be compared to other brands' entry level line? im sure there are proud synergy owners out there, but i wonder if they are intimidated to post here cause they might feel discouraged suddenly when they see a post such as "ohhh my god i got the RF7". ya i know.. im envious3.gif

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nash !!

Who the hell are you say that ?

Do you honestly believe that injecting some degree of common sense into this issue will or even should be taken seriously ?

Either rant and rave or...........

Errum Yes Wilby old boy ....He did and I have said similar ?? Are you sure Wilberforce ? I do imbibe betimes and at times my recollection can be a little diffuse as it were .... Well yes I realise that it is a reasonable argument but..... Very Well ... I must say this is a bit irregular. Have you checked The Social Register ? Well the thing is old pip if I Acknowledge that he is right .... He could start putting on airs and well one knows where THAT can lead.... Paid labour,suffrage and all that!!

Very well You argument is most cogent and is as far as I can determine entirely correct.

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There have been some loud opinions. Not too many. A French diplomat recently told others in the EU they missed an opportunity to sit down and shut up. Presumably he meant to add, and listen to me. That didn't make him popular.

The marketing strategy seems a bit unconventional by old standards. But the world changes.

E.g. people do trade up in the automotive world going from the starter model to the top of the line. OTOH, Chevy doesn't put the low price model in one dealership, and the top of the line in the other. Yet again, some people used to go from Chevy to Buick to Caddy over their lifetime. And yet again, Toyota and Nissan create quite a bit of isolation between the midrange and luxury. Lexus and Infinity.

A lot analogies are breaking down these days. Putting ProMedia in computer stores makes sense and is different than any analogy to autos.

Some folks seem absolutely convinced that if they don't buy through the Internet, they're not getting the best deal. We see a lot of these posts. Perhaps putting the Syn speakers in BB is a reaction to it. The danger, perhaps, is that they become dimestore merchandise.

Keeping the Ref and Heritage in high end stores is rational too.

Yet now the brand name is split between computer superstores, mass discounters, and the carriage trade dealers. The situation is something which has not occured before, at least successfully. The overall result is arguably NOT rational while each individual choice IS rational. No wonder people are concerned.


P.S. added by edit: It is a bit unclear what "Klipsch Bashing" refers to in your title. But well enough. It could refer to a lot things, and there is much to consider.

It looks to me that people are disconcerted by (1) the change in distribution channels to include low overhead ones.

Some have reservations about (2) the products themselves being "dumbed down". This probably started when PWK made low cost alternatives to the K-Horn and continues to this day. I myself don't worry because there has to be a low cost starter with excellent performance from horn technology. But it is there.

I believe there is a natural concern that (1) and (2) will interact. That is the real issue. They could interact to a point where, through some process, the top of the line disappears.

The fear comes with an appreciation of how PWK ran his company. It must have been, "This is the best darn stuff which is possible to make and I put my name on them, and anyone who thinks otherwise can go elsewhere." I guess it made him enough money to put av gas in the Baron.

With his passing, the new owner, people suspect, will only be looking at the botton line. He may decide he can make more money selling 1000 hamburgers than 10 steaks. The engineers at Indy are, obviously, not designing hamburgers. The day may come though.

That is why people get cranky.

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I own the TOL Synergy speakers ever produced-the KSP-400's-and proud of it!! Lots of Heritage-based HT enthusiasts love the KSP-S6's, also from the Synergy line (please don't tell them they're Synergies! There would be a glut on the market as they dump them, and I'd finally be able to afford a pair...).


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I haven't voiced my opinion one way or the other concerning Klipsch's distribution practices...it didn't really concern me, to tell you the truth. As m00n stated above, I don't care if Kmart, Wal-Mart, or Target sells the Klipsch brand, as long as they're available to the regular consumer and the high-end audiophile. I still want Sound Advice and other high-end audio salons throughout the country to carry the Heritage Series, in their dedicated sound rooms or on the showroom floor, as long as the Klipschorn, Belle Klipsch, La Scala, and the Heresy are properly displayed and can be heard to their best! I want Best Buy and others to carry the other series as well. Hell, I want to go to CompUSA or other computer-related chains and see them sell Klipsch PC-related monitors. I want Crutchfield and Audio Advisor to sell Klipsch horn speakers in their catalogs or on their websites. I want to go to a Guitar Center or Sam Ash and find all the Klipsch professional series monitors. Make the entire Klipsch brand of horn-loaded loudspeakers truely available anywhere that loudspeakers of any kind are sold. Sell them all in a truely dedicated "Klipsch Outlet" like all the Bose outlets you see scattered throughout the country. Sell all Klipsch series overseas in all markets! Make the name brand "Klipsch" a household name that everyone admires and looks up to as a great sounding product that anyone would be proud to own, either for their 2-channel music room, their home theatre, in any recording studio, theatre or concert hall, on tour on stage, or for a computer geek's PC for nothing other than gaming!

As long as I can buy what I want, when I want it, wherever I am, and it's currently in production, and it's by an authorized retailer, either in a store, through catalog sales, or online...then that's what Klipsch Audio Technologies should concentrate on! Period!

That's my opinion, for what it's worth!4.gif

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I'd be willing to bet that Klipsch has sold many more speakers through (because of) their existing customers than they ever did through their dealer/distribution network.

I suspect I am one of the "rare" ones who actually heard Klipsch for the first time, at a dealer.

Let's see, first I bought the Cornwalls. My friend Rick hears them at my place. He buys Klipschorns. Mutual friend Andy hears Rick's Klipschorns. Andy buys LaScalla's. Another friend buys my Cornwalls. I buy Klipschorns. Another mutual friend hears my old Cornwalls & my Klipschorns. She buys Cornwalls. Another couple of guys I worked with at an audio store come over & hear my Khorns. They buy Khorns, and so on, and so on..............................

There are few manufactured products in this world, of any kind, at any price, that have the longevity that withstands the test of time like the Klipschorn has.

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Nash, I agree with most of your points. As a company, I'm sure one of Klipsch's objective is for growth. What better way to get more exposure than to sell a select set of products within one of the most successful retail electronic chains in the country? As one who generally appreciates Klipsch products, I'm pleased that they now have the opportunity to gain new customers through their Synergy series. As you implied , perhaps there will be a trickle effect on some of these customers that will lead them into the Reference, etc. sold at "high-end" retail stores.

IMHO, as long as Klipsch doesn't compromise the quality of their products in their quest for growth, I think their marketing decision is an extremely positive one. After all, I bought Klipsch speakers because the sound suited my preference. Not because no one else on the block has them or because they're "Klipsch".

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