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Electrocompaniet classic amplifier


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Hey guys

heres an amp i d like to buy...

Its a Mati Otala design, hand made in Norway in the seventies, 100V/us slew rate, 0.35us risetime, only 20dB negative feedback, 11 first watts in class A (25 watts AB), was reviewed as the best sounding and fastest amplifier in the world by the Audio Critic mag.

Any of you guys have some experience with this amp? im not sure its been exported to US...

Its even difficult to find here in Europe and the price with matching preamp (less than 10ohms output impedance, wich means than virtually no other preamp can be used) is around 1000euros...

picture included... very cool amp really... listened to one on a pair of JMLab Electra and it sounded great...1.gif


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I hadn't followed the Aleph series. I did hear the Aleph 3 which is why I think a good ss class A design can work. Interesting about the Aleph 30 (Volksamp). Maybe something like that would work when I want more power. I remember that the Aleph 3 could just keep getting louder and never lose composure. It didn't have the low end, but now that I accept that two amps are one realistic approach, maybe something like the Volksamp is the way to go.


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I own a couple of them.

Another reason they sound good is the fully regulated supplies for the voltage gain stages.

The first one I got to hear, I had to fix first.

These were known for having problems with the power supply regulators, a bad batch of transistors. A readily available industrial type, they are less than $1 each.

On Klipschorns this amplifier sounds so solid you think it is a lot bigger than it really is, and then it clipps.

It has more than enough power for music, but is a little short on gas for things that explode and other such sound effects.

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A friend of mine runs a pair of Forte's using the 50 Watt version of this amp that came out later (25 watts in class A).

We side by sided the amp with the Accuphase E211 that I used to have and it blew the Jap box out of the water.

The current version is 100 watts but doesnt compare sound-wise to the one he has. Price seems a bit high though - I imagine the rarity value has something to do with that.

If you have the money - why not? Should be fairly saleable if you change your mind (now that high sensitivity speakers are much mroe common).

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Man those folks need to get in sync with some serious hygiene issues.



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