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The Tax Cut

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I have an Indian friend.

came here (Canada) with 10 bucks in his pockets and no knowledge of either French or English.

he has worked enough to allow himself to get into University.

now tell me that it's not true anyone can make it. screw the beggars on the streets, except the ones with disabilities. it is possible and very doable to find a job with any level of skill or experience. proof, high school students can do it.

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Thanks mav! & if you're ever in the Pacific NW be sure to stop in for a few Red Hook!

most dems do have good hearts though. it's just those & some of their leaders' philosophy that all that matters is they take $ out of the pockets of the more economically productive people in society. even if it's just pissed away by the government. those should hope they don't get that which they wish for. they'll see that then everyone loses. i.e., don't bite off the hand that feeds you.


live long & prosper

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This post is getting out of control. We are here to talk and help each other with or Klipsch speakers. We all have opposing political views. This is the problem with politics. It is very clear you will not change my mind on my moral and economic beliefs and I will not change yours. The outcome is not black and white. WE ALL NEED TO FIND A COMMON GROUND. All opposing sides need to work together and develop a government good for everyone.

Without taxes there is no country and government. No roads, no public education, no health care We need this government. When tragedy hits we all, rich and poor need help and obviously we turn to government. You don't know when you may need help. I know people who have been laid off without warning from their very high paying job. They were humbled and they needed help.

I think a flat tax rate is the only logical and fair way to accomplish this goal. As I stated before we do not know the affects of Bushs tax cut. It scares me because it is a huge risk and I am not confident that all angles and possibilities have been successfully examined. If Bush is rightgreat; if he is wrong we may be in huge trouble. All those arrogant people who think they have it all figured out and poverty will never happen to them may be in for a rude awakening (please dont think I classifying all rich people). It happened once before and it could happen again. Bad things can happen to everyone!

I am sure there are many political forums out there. This is not one of them. Lets stop this and have some fun with our Klipsch hobby.


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Originally posted by Jim Cornell:

Ill have to say it again, this is the Klipsch web site, is there a White house web site anywhere?

WhiteHouse.com seems to be part of the Clinton legacy(*voted #1 adult site on the internet).

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