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OT: Anyone here drink Scotch?


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That`s a good tip Andre. Also instead of using tap water at home for ice cubes freeze filtered spring water into cubes just for your whiskey.


On 1/10/2004 11:06:46 PM DALE WALKER wrote:

Blended scotchs are for those who don't really appriciate what scotch really is.

Most who drink scotch are followers of congac, drambue, cavausia etc


I think you misinterpret the difference in the two. Blended whiskeys are an everyday beverage over ice or with a mixer. I would not pour a single malt on ice or blend with a mixer. My point being I do know the difference between the two and I drink both.

I`m sure you would agree.1.gif


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Is there a reason people pour their scotches and bourbons into those fancy glass or crystal bottle's that have those big removable tops on them (like in all the movies)? Is it because it makes the alcohol taste better by removing it from the original bottle, or is it just for looks?

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Nich---That's called decantering, it's an affectation we get from the English upper-class and is done solely to differentiate oneself from the lower orders, has nothing to do with flavor (flavour :-)).

Remember how the Indian captain got in trouble with Lord Cardigan in the Cherry Picker's mess by drinking from a black bottle instead of a decanter?

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A crystal decanter won't do a thing for whiskey. It is just an esthetic thing. Looks much nicer sitting on top of a cabinet in the living room than a bottle. Hmmm... which is more austentatious, serving 18 year old Glen Morangie in the original bottle so everyone knows you paid $75 for it or serving it unlabelled in a $100 crystal decanter?

OTOH decantering is useful for red wines that throw a heavy sediment. You carefully pour the wine from the bottle into the decanter being careful to leave the sediment in the original bottle.

The biggest group of whiskey drinkers I ever knew were all Scots. I was a drummer in a bagpipe band when I was a kid. Every parade, when the command to fall out was given, everyone old enough would stream into the nearest bar. And sometimes even those not old enough. I remember my age being questioned once. The bass drummer shouted "He's a member of the band. Serve him!" From what I have heard, pipe welders are a close second to Scots.

FWIW for those who haven't tried a good, old, single malt scotch... The typical blended scotch whiskey is nothing to write home about. It was invented by the Scots in the early part of the century to sell more whiskey when cocktails became popular. It is a blend of single malt scotches chosen to be palatable to the widest audience in mixed drinks. So it doesn't have much flavor. Just about any single malt whiskey has much more flavor. The flavor varies considerably between brands. And it might take a while to find one you like. The good thing is that the taste mellows and gets more complex with age. My guess is that a lot of folks who don't like the taste of young single malts might like one of the 18 year or even 12 year old single malts. But they are pricey.

I always preferred something besides scotch when it came to whiskey until I tried old, single malts. When it comes to a young whiskey, I'll go with a good sour mash (Bourbon) any day.

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Actually, we celebrated with the JW Blue because the divorce was rough, REAL rough!

She (a Korean national, btw) caused him to spend 23 days in the lock-up by writing hot checks behind his back. She also made his life a living hell for him during their last year "together" by getting all the korean locals to spy on him and rat him out.

I never saw a rougher divorce, truly movie material! Anyway, he's back in the States and she emails him from Korea now asking if she can come be his "roommate".

Yeah Right!

I've got a korean fiancee right now, but I always keep an eye out for the long knives....


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