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Read this if you have a cat:


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whoa, sounds like ear has a wild cat in his house!

i on the other hand have this lazy persian called stormy. great lap cat but loves just sitting around leaning against the wall as seen in this under the bed night vision picture i have of him. he is not really fat, just all hair (pure persian) so he seems a lot bigger than he actually is. he weighs in around 12 pounds.


goes by the name "stormy-the-hut" also 9.gif


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I currently don't have any cats right now, but that may change in the near future. I used to have a strawberry-blonde femal tabby cat named Ashely many several years ago when I was still living in Pennsylvania. I don't have any pictures of her on hand, unfortunatly. I know my parents do, though. She looked nearly identical to Tom Blasing's cat, with maybe a lighter shade of fur. Wish I still had her - she was a character.

So I got pictures of my brother's cat - Elvis to share. I took just this past Christmas:



That second picture was so cool. My nephew, C.J. went to look at that book. Elvis, the cat, slipped under his arm and stuck his nose into the book. One of those moments where I was glad I had a camera on hand and ready.

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Well, I'm on the way to pick up my cat from the vet right now. I don't know how she was injured, but came home after being away five days. She looked o.k. but her tail was just hanging limp. Vet examined and had to stubb off her tail. Too much nerve damage for it to ever work again. I can only imagine that someone grabbed her and swung her by the tail. I cannot imagine who would do that or how she was away for five days and returned looking o.k. except for that. She didn't look thin, coat was o.k. I just wonder. Now w/o her tail, I imagine her disposition will be worse than ever.

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This image was quite disturbing to me...I came home after work to greet my cats only to find a piece of rice sticking out of Rusty's mouth (strange, I know he doesn't care for rice...). I discovered that he wasn't chewing on a piece of rice, but his lower right fang which had come loose and he was trying to chew it free! I drove him to the vets and they immediately pulled the offending tooth from his mouth. They cleaned his teeth and gums, and he was on antibiotics for a week until the gum infection he somehow contracted was all cleared up.


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Moon -

Keep your cats inside! I thought that I was being nice to my kitties by letting them outside to explore nature and have fun.

Within months of moving into my house with 3 cats. I found one of my cats (Blacky) in the yard one day in a paralytic state twitching wildly. Exten$ive veterinary care brought him home, with a probable diagnosis of fungal, parasitic or neoplastic disease. It was weeks before he could walk without falling to one side. He is now recovered.

Weeks later, I found his sister (Stripe)in a carrier I kept on the deck, she was unable to move her hind legs. She had thrown a blood clot. Her problem was genetic, but she requires medication.

Finally, the cat that I had forever (Daphne) just didn't come home.

Pets should be kept inside.

P.S. Blacky still yowls at the door, and if he gets escape (as he did this weekend) he is damn near impossible to catch.

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