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cheap tube cd players


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Do any of ya'll use tube cd players in the sub $800 range? What have been the results? I was looking at the ah njoe tjoeb 4000, dynaco cdv-2, Decware-685, and any other suggestions...

I was hoping for a player with volume control in the digital domain so i could play it directly through my power amp. What do you recommend?



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The Jolida CD-100 is $900. I think it has a variable analog output. Not positive, but it has two pair of analog outputs. Many mods available for later.

It seems like most 5-disc changers have variable outputs like the Denon CDM380 (I think this is the model number). It's only 299. It may be noisy when changing discs.

The only other choices have been mentioned.

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The Ah Tjoeb 99 is a STEAL at $325 used. IMO the finest sounding cdp under $1,000.

The problem with the variable output (volume control) is that it resets to FULL output if you turn the cdp off and back on. This could be particularly problematic considering that you're using INCREDIBLY efficient speakers (Klipsch).

That'd get your heart pumping.

In addition, volume controls in the digital domain are not very desirable. The Dynaco is the only inexpensive model that I know of which controls the volume with an analog potentiometer.

If you're patient, and stretch your budget just a bit, you can pick up a used Cary 302 cdp which includes an analog volume control. The 303/200 and later offered the volume control as a $500 option and are, consequently, more expensive.

Good luck.

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I picked up my Jolida used on Audiogon for 660. What a steal! Sounds great and has a volume control for the headphones. I bought a set of RCA Command Series 5751s and took the top off to install them and found a set of RCA 5751s already in there! The commands sound great. I havent heard the others but highly recommend the one I have.

Jolida JD 100 w/RCA Command 5751s

Audio Experience Symphonies + Line Stage

Dynaco Mark 3s


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What type of volume control does the Jolida JD100A have, if any? Hopefully someone here knows, because I haven't seen any reference to Remote Volume Control in any ads.

Been really curious as to how the Level-1 Mod JD100A's compare to the likes of the SuperTjoeb w/Upsampler, and a used Cary 308T which has a higher price. I've read some extremely positive reviews of all three, but have not heard either.

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There is no volume control (except for the headphones) on the JD-100A. I have briefly listened to the Cary CD-308T and I would say that the modded JD-100A sound is better. The CD-308T is noisier and much too expensive for the sound quality it produced.

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I plan on picking up one of the AH! 4000 cdp's wich has been getting great reviews just do a search on audio asylum for the AH! 4000. Since I don't have a decent audio shop in town I do alot of research and when reviewers like it and users on most of the forums give positive feedback it makes me feel more comfortable about dropping a wad of cash. I have seen it on audiogon for $600 and completely upgrade for about 700 or 800.




Has anyone in this forum heard this cdp I would love to know how it mates with the klipsch.

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I've got the AH! with upsampler, and it is fabulous. Was quite skeptical the the upsampler would be worth the money, and my experience completely surpassed my expectations. Had listened for a couple of months before upgrading and it is sweet sweet sweet. Very good match with Klipsch.

One unit that looks fascinating to me is the decware modified Sony SACD/DVD. Looks to be a bang for the buck champ, but don't know anyone whose heard one.

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