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300B SET amplifiers


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Yeah this was on ebay a while back I have seen this link off and on for a while and yeah where are the bloody klipsch : ) but at least there are horns.....

I would think they would have been better off splitting it up and selling it on ebay if they really think it's worth 21K. Finding someone to purchase all at once would be a hell of a chore...

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On 9/14/2004 7:17:06 PM morrowaudio wrote:

NOTE: Please do not ask me questions about this system through this forum


??????????? What exactly do you think a forum is for !!!! here we ask

questions and get answers .

I suggest going back to e-bay or audiogon , this system has already been talked about on another thread a few weeks back . No one here is into spending that kinda coin to run rather inexpensive klipsch speakers , at least no one i'm aware of .

Dam this place is turning into buy&sell.com .

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