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Show Us Your Klipsch Heritage Speakers


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There are my babies bought in 1982 for $2400 for the corners and $1100 for the Belle. Power by Macintosh (of course). Pretty sweet, but am looking forward to getting a set of Al's crossovers. Anyone have any of the exotic wood models? Let's see them. Someone post some La Scala, Heresy, and Cornwall pics. Maybe we can have a category called "Show us your Wallet" for pics of components......

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These are Basset Hounds. The one with his head up is exercising......Your system is impressive to say the least. Makes me greatful did I haven't got the home theater bug yet. (rather makes my wife greatful) Have you changed anything since these posts? Did you ever get the ALK's? Did you really paint the K-Horns black to match your components? I think I would get some walnut shelf paper and stick to my components before I did that. LOL....

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MacKlipsch, can I call you MK for short? No never mind it doesn't have the same effect.

Actually the K-Horns arn't painted black, They are wallnut,and covered with a black grill cloth. The cloth is attached to 1/4" plywood which is attached to the face of the cabinet. I had a piece of smoked glass made for the top of the cabinet where the LaScala sits. I just couldn't paint over that wallnut.

I'm sorry to say that my ALK networks are still sitting in the closet that has become my Klipsch parts department. I may get around to putting one in one of my K-Horns this weekend or next. I'm only going to do one speaker for now. I want to listen to the difference between them for a while.

Want to come over & tell me which one has the ALK in it? I wish someone could do it for me so I wouldn't know before listening.


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Just Heresys and subwoofer:

1966 with EV woofers, Type C network

1972 with CTS woofer, Type C

1974 different CTS woofer, Type E

1978 Eminence woofer, Type E

Decware WO32 subwoofer

All in various stages of being veneered with Narra, trimmed with Teak and covered with cane grills.

http://midtown.net/blackhal/images/1966.jpg http://midtown.net/blackhal/images/1972.jpg http://midtown.net/blackhal/images/1974.jpg http://midtown.net/blackhal/images/1978.jpg http://midtown.net/blackhal/images/wo32.jpg http://midtown.net/blackhal/images/narra.jpg

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rowooo-thanks, i've made many over these

so a bit straight fwd. key is assembly sequence, if sequence is wrong you end up with gaps and misfits. precisely machined parts is good start but if assy sequence wrong-->gaps!!

i've made University Classic, University Dean, EV Patrician and Klipschorns, its fun, keeps me sane and only real cost is the plywood. It takes 2 sheets of 3/4" and 4 sheets of 1/2" premium birch ply, about 500 screws and a quart of glue to make a pair of K-horn bass horns, or about $200 each.

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Great woodworking!!!

On the picture it looks like you laquired and siliconed the joints is this the case.

Iv'e been in const. for over 25yrs now started in finish carpentry and now project manager / superintendent, have built lots of different things over the years from movie theaters,restaurants,wepons labs, high end customs even did one for James Gardner a few yrs back,have dabbled in cabinetry from time to time and am thinking about trying some speaker cabs where would I find plans for say a belle or K-horn or even a jensen imperial. I have a 1980 pr of K-horns bought them new but there is just something special when you can say I BUILT THAT dont ya think


Tom D.

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tomd--thanks! the horn is fabricated using end-grained joints, they must be prepared prior to joining or else the glue will be pulled into the plys and away from the joint. The end-grains are first painted with a thin coat of hot animal glue. the low viscosity of the hot glue penetrates

about a 1/16" deep into the end grain. once

dry the mating panel is then fitted, pilot holes and c'sinks for screws properly

located then drilled. for assy, the mating panel is "primed" with stainless steel sheet metal screws, a heavy, continous bead of glue applied, panel is set and the screws are driven. No caulking of any type is used, the excess glue is allowed to just squish out. The woofer chamber looks like a bead of caulk was applied, actually I just ran my finger around the woofer chamber joints to keep those surfaces clean. I made these units for someone else, the woofer chambers had to be clean.

You right about the DIY thing, you must have

a good table saw and soem decent tools. I've got an old Tannowitz Variety Saw, makes a Powermatic look like a toy!


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Nice work! Do you have any finished pics? I'm particularly interested in the squawker and horn. They might be applicable to a La Scala.

I have a pair of Type ALKs and a pair of Type AA that I hot-rodded with better caps and no KLiP circuit. The sound is similar with the Type ALKs having a better transition from the bass horn to the squawker horn. otherwise they are very similar.


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John A-The bass horns were shipped in the "KD" configuration, nothing special to look at.

Recently, I've developed a exponential mid squawker horn cast from ultra fine Portland cement. I'm modifing the design to minimize the cement usage. Total weight is only 70lbs. Compression driver is the stock OEM but any 1 3/8" can be substituted. Listening tests made the effort well worth the work! I will post pics when complete.

Reagarding the network, I swapped out the caps (Holivand) and the coils (Solen). Also, I mounted the components on a larger board given them greater nearest-neigbors distances than OEM spacing. The sound improvement was significant and IMO superior to OEM unit. The AA-network has been around for a long time, works well with the K-horn and PWK likes it. I can't say if Al's design brings more value to the table than a "hot-rodded" OEM unit. For my ears, I know for a fact that premium hardware improves the stock AA unit so dramatically (repeat 3X) It should be a standard mod for anyone serious about listening to music accurately.

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