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* A N I M U S I C - 2 - * ...just released today !!!


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Just ordered my Animusic 2..$19.95 w/ FREE SHIPPING.


They just announced their acceptance of orders.

Luckily they ship directly out of Austin,Texas...

(right around the corner from me)

...so i will get mine by Saturday !!

It's about time !!!

Yahoo !!!

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Call me naive...What is animusic?

...ok, I will....MR. Naive ! [;)]

Do yourself a favor and go to www.animusic.com and check out the sampled video's.

They have computers programmed to animate the instruments playing along w/ the incredibly orchestrated digital music.

Amazing digital surround sound quality.

A true "test Dvd" for any system.

...do yourself a favor and buy both Animusic I and II ...for the discount price they are offering today !


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Is it worth getting for a two channel system?

Most definitely.

The surround tracks are just a bonus that comes w/ the dvd.

These guys really know what they are doing.

If you don't like it...I will buy it from ya.

Save your receipt.

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I just ordered mine and also received a $2 coupon code that can be used on future purchases.

It said "You may also share this code with friends or family."

If you want to save a couple of bucks on your purchase, send me a PM or e-mail and I'll provide you the coupon code.


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Just a side note.

I discovered recenty that my 7 month old is absolutely mesmorized by the first Animusic. I thought she showed great interest in the Baby Eintstein DVD's, but she is even more interested in Animusic. I don't know if it's the surround, the bright colors or the combination but she is in love with it. She'll sit there silently through the whole thing and won't take her eyes off it.

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Oh, look what arrived in the mail today!

My copy of Animusic 2!

This thing is friggan awesome!

I especially love the Fiber Bundle and Heavy Lights segments. The bass on the Fiber Bundle segment is killer on my system.

Starship Goove is the segment I remember seeing at the Klipsch

Pilgrimage, and yes, it sounds awesome on my system. Plus, those

robots are fun to watch. The second segment, Pogo Sticks is

really cool also.

Overall, I am impressed! This thing is truly amazing.

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Thanks for the info born2rocku. Just checked out the site and ordered one, looks very cool. Always interested in checking out new stuff.


You are welcomed WOODSMAN.

In this day and age of technology...any digital music rules, when it comes to demonstrating my Klipsch Heritage surround set-up.

I hope that the Animusic's I + II DVDs do the same for yours, that it does for my system.

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