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Do I have Deco Corns?

Jeff Matthews

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What a find, but I don't know how to deal with all these little indents about the size of... staples... all about 1/64 - 1/32 inches deep. I wonder whether I could putty those? Seems like it'd be alot of little putty-patches and would be noticeable since they are all kind of lined around the edges. [:(]

What do you think? Think I could putty tons of little indents all in a row and still come out looking good?

The wood's a real light stain. Not white like bare birch, but I'd call it a natural finish.

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Are you saying that there's little dings where the stapler slammed the staples into the wood in addition to the holes? Might have to re-veneer to cover that up. If it goes with the grain pattern, like the ones along sides, they might fill in okay, dents perpendicular to grain would probably show up badly. You could always putty for now and see how it looks, then if you had to reveneer, it'd already be filled in....

I'm so jealous right now....


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I agree. I'm going to try for the heck of it. If they turn out nice, I'm going to buy a digi cam and upload so you can see the little nugget I found behind the ragged cloth.... Just when I was blaming the cat, it turns out if it wasn't for him, I would have never uncovered this little treasure. I bet it will work.

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Duke I dont know what the dust cover is...not my speaker, its a photo of another members. I just used it to get my point across.

Congrats on the decorators. You can get a digital camera for like$50. Join us in the new millenium youll just love it here.[:)] The decorators were the more economical/cheaper versions. they didnt come with a grill and they were unfinished birch or fir plywood. I had the same experience with my pair of decorator Heresy. The previous owner made this hideous looking blue grill, and screwed it on with drywall screws, so the veneer is FUBAR. I love the look of the the decorator Cornwall and they are on my wish list. Below is a price sheet from 73 so you can get an idea of the the pricing for the different types.


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My 1965 K-horns and Cornwall were originally Decorator models that I have since filled the small depressions and levelled the wood then covered with veneer. I manufactured my own grills which bolt to the units with 1/4" decorative hardware and tobacco colored outer cloth (flowered and very thin) with black fibreglass screening behind mounted on plastic square holed ceiling squares painted black and all items hot melt glued with plastic "U" frame around the edges. The hardware screws into rubber mounts on the motorboard keeping the assembly about 1/2" away from the board al la new style Klipsch speaker design to prevent too much "air choking". One of the rubber mounts (5/8" long x 1/2" diameter had to be redesigned as the center area of the board had the crossover network behind it and drilling through it wasn't an option.

On the K- horns I did not make any side grilles, just painted the areas black. I did however make a grill for the midrange/tweeter section which necessitated drilling 1/2" holes through the aluminum mid-range horn lip for the rubber mounts. They are now "Sherman tank certifiable". Also mounted the original Klipsch plastic emblems (still in bags) with tiny brass screws and restapled the waranty tags in their original positions.


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