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Upgrading in Chicagoland - Need Heritage/vintage Klipsch Info/Opinions


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"Since size seems to be an issue for

you if I had a gun to my head and based on what I have seen in

this thread and what I have owned, liked and heard I would give you an

ordered shopping list of:


Forte II




Chorus II


Rich, you're not my friend anymore! Putting CW last on the list. For shame.


that's ok, just move the belle to the top and invert the list [;)]

(afterall, you wanna save the best for last when shopping right? then

you know you ended up with the best choice!) [:o]

But seriously, the forte would be a good choice too (and probably best bang for the buck).

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Mrs. Dtel writes, "Oh, Colter you are just jealous because you are not a "pesky Forte II owner"...yet. It is my understanding you are in the market for Forte II's. I think I have the concept of "House of Klipsch" but I am not sure I have the total concept. Is it to own one of every kind of speaker Klipsch makes, or multiples of each or just a list of as many as you can purchase, store, stack, etc. "

Mainly its to take the place of my other addictions and fuel my obsessive-compulsive personality. I just like hardware and stuff that makes music. My psychiatrist officially pronounced it a 'harmless positive addiction' yesterday, so I've got the green light to make this my official 'old guy hobby'.


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You are over thinking this whole process and are increasingly likely to throw away a lot of money on a disappointing system.

Stop looking for answers to questions that can't be answered.

Look at getting a pair of Heresys.

Listen to them for a few years.

There is no amount of information that will satisfy your immediate decision process - it takes time to find out what is right for you. Get a pair of old Heresys and relax.

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Re: my comments on importance of the amp.

Any of you remember this integrated amp/pre-amp by Marantz?


Even at today's standards, this Marantz was a rocker at $550 many years ago for just the amp/pre-amp.

This is the amp I had. 90 clean watts/channel. I could literally turn it up all the way and run it continuously with my Corns - which was something I could not remotely do when I had Pioneer HPM 100's before the Corns. Sure, the Corns were good through it, but this great amp was still not enough to make the Corns shine. That's why I went Crown.

But I really am curious. Anybody remember the Marantz 1180DC?

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Come on Michael, I knew about all that other addiction stuff already. Even contemplated asking you to request group therapy rates for me to attend the sessions with you and the therapist. O/C and ADD makes life tough going for me sometimes, terrible combination. This Klipsch addiction has only added to the list, glad to hear the therapist describes it as positive addiction, guess I don't have to get the discount rate after all.

Just wanted a definition of "House of Klipsch" so we would all know where addiction is headed. For ourselves, you know, free advice. What other hobbies do you have, not including photography because that is work for you. Have to say the pics I saw you are pretty good at what you do. And what is the old guy crap. I know you are not older than me or dtel. Is that picture you showed of Grand Central Station? I sent you a email about that.

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Look at getting a pair of Heresys.

You have got to be be kidding. At best that would be a lateral move from the KG4's! We all know you don't like to hear real bass paul, but to recommend such a speaker to someone looking for bass

seems a bit like pushing your views on other people (I forget the term

psychologists use). I would also much rather have a speaker that sounds

good out of the box than to have to spend years getting used to it!

Speaking of bass, the chorus II's can't handle Squire's (from Yes)

subsonic bass pedal the same way the cornwalls do, but I think that

might be a product of my crappy reciever too [:)] I should hook up my

crown amp one of these days to see what I can get out of them (1000W

peak, right?) [H]

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Speaking of bass, the chorus II's can't handle Squire's (from Yes) subsonic bass pedal the same way the cornwalls do, but I think that might be a product of my crappy reciever too [:)] I should hook up my crown amp one of these days to see what I can get out of them (1000W peak, right?) [H]

Don't know, but it sure sounds good...... [H]

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Pauln speaks the truth.

Pete offered them to listen to his setup. That's what they need to do. What you hear and what I hear is too different things.

Believe it or not, not everyone one likes Klipsch.

I loved my Heresy's, Lascala's were ok, loved my cornwalls and now love my khorns.

First pair of Klipsch I bought (KLF20) for the first 7 months I hated them. I would have traded them even for a pair of Bose 301's and paid you $100 for gas money.

Everyone was posting that Denon and Klipsch were a great match. For HT maybe, but not for music. See it's back to how I hear things and how you hear things.

I since have learned the hard and expense way about speakers, amps, cables,etc.

Go listen to Pete's system.

Pauln is right. If I was still living in a small room again, I know my Cornwalls and Khorns would have been a waste of money. I would go Heresy and a good sub.

No one here can tell you what to buy. Decide what you like. You have gotten alot of good advice and many models to choose from, now go listen and enjoy the music.

Good luck and I hope what ever you get you enjoy them as much as I like mine.


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Wait wait wait! I go to the store, come back, and there's even MORE choices. LOL

The goal is to whittle it down, not ramp it up. You - you... Klipsch people you! :D

Heresys - That's the ONLY speaker I've heard and no way, no how could I ever dream that would be any semblance of improvement over KG4s. I see it as a downgrade! Definitely a downgrade. I'd keel over if I had to listen to them. No bass.

YES! OK - Maybe we're onto something here..... Yes has been mentioned. Let's go with that. Big yes fan here. And I'm NOT talking 'Roundabout' stuff. Let's pick a good Yes album. Just imagine the best Yes album in your mind. One that has variety (don't they all?). Pretty, soft parts. Hard parts. Let's imagine the source material is amazing - remastered, bla bla bla....

Here's what I want:

1. "Squire's subsonic bass pedal" & 'plunking' giving me CHILLS.

2. The Bass clear, proper, and hitting me so hard (properly), it would be equivalent to CPR. (but still retaining great mid & high).

3. Speakers that even after a couple years, I turn to hubby and say "wow - doesn't that sound great?" (bonus points for hairs on the back of my neck standing up).

4. Get tears welling up in my eyes on occasion. Yes - I want to me moved to tears they are so good.

Yea - Which speakers, if playing Yes - would do the above 4 things for you? Then, maybe I have my speaker? (or at least a shorter list - which is the current goal). Then I can only pray, I can put my David Sylvian 'Secrets of the Beehive' with it's crystal trumpet, deep deep bass, his beautiful barotone voice - will stun me.

Come on Yes fans - what say you. Go!

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Well colter is a huge yes fan and I know he would sooner die than have

to hear them on any other speaker than the cornwall [;)] Oh, and the

spine tingles very often whenever I go over there to hang out. You need

to get him on the phone - he's such a riot to talk to and he'll settle

your mind with the cornwalls no problem [;)]

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i have to respectfully disagree about the k-horns being good for only certain types of music, and also about mushy, soft, fuzzy or whatever bass...........

i listen to several types of music at several differant volumes and they always sound great, i was at garys house and listened to a good deal of jazz(garys set up is in a smaller room than mine) and the k-horns shined, i personally listen to classic rock mixed with hard rock about 80 percent of the time, my fiancee listens to mostly country (newer) and the k-horns shine with all types of music i have heard thru them at all levels(this is not to say they dont get better if the volume goes up or down depending on source)

last thing i do use tube gear with mine whereas i see you use a receiver, k-horns will show any flaws in your gear(not saying yours has flaws, just pointing out the fact) Joe

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Guys, I almost feel were being baited by a veteran going underground anonomously. [;)]

I'm a big Yes fan. Their best album is "Album." Starship Trooper, Yours is No Disgrace, The Clap - the whole album is great - even those songs nobody knows. Corns will deliver all the things you say you want. Khorns will do it, too. Just get the Corns. Very inexpensive way to find out I was right all along.

Now, tell me. Who are you, really?

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Go to the threads at the Hope Gathering where we described out first listen of the new Heritage. There are several members here who described the Jubilee bass/horn system as the best they've ever heard.

I'm a pretty sensitive guy and when Roy cranked the Eagles through that system, I felt the tears flow. Like when I'm watching Yes live (okay, only been to EVERY tour since Relayer) and Chris steps on those pedals and you feel the concrete floor move, your sternum starts to shake and your innards turn to jelly. Just about the only system I've ever heard that brought that visceral sensation, that EMOTIONAL RESPONSE to music was the jubilee system.

I have gotten close at home. With the Cornwalls surrounding me and a special EV/JBL 18" setup that Who and I did one night, Yes Symphonic has Squire's Taurus Moog pedals creating that kind of sensation.


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Just go listen to those Khorns (and Cornwalls) already. Then you won't have any more questions and you won't need to read any more posts in this thread. You shouldn't have a problem finding any of the speakers mentioned in this thread in the Chicago area. It will just take a little bit of patience.

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No no! Seriously, I'm just a neurotic anal crazy woman who's been wanting to upgrade her KG4's for years now. Just coming out of lurkdom. I thought the Yes thing would be a great indicator. If it works for Yes, I truely believe it would work for other stuff. I think it's a good peg point. I'm real, & no baiting here. Just want to do the right thing. Took us 6 months to choose a TV. It's just how things work here. But really/truely, no baiting here. I want to stick with what feels right, and the speakers we listened to at stores, left me flat somehow. Something drew me to Klipsch years ago and I should stick with it.

'Roundabout' - Actually, it would be a perfect song to judge with. It's just so overplayed. But thinking about it - yea. Roundabout would cover alot of territory.

If a speaker can do that amazingly - it's on my list. My goal is to eliminate a few.

My immediate goal is to whittle down Cornwall, Chorus, Forte.

Jeff - You are recommending Khorns or Cornwalls. Are you suggesting for this example (Yes), I could safely elminate the Chorus at least? And do you feel the Khorns better for this song over cornwalls? If so, this is important.

DrWho - Do you still prefer the Chorus? You mentioned not completing your test. Hurry! :)

I guess in the end, any of these might be an improvement as long as I don't go downhill in the bass department.

On another note, I bought a new camera & was playing. I focused on my grill-less KG4s. Saw cracks in the rubber on the image. This is new. Hubby recently hooked up some other speakers to attempt a 5:1 deal. Van Helsing came on (which surprisingly was enjoyable) & we cranked it. I fear Van Helsing ruined my babies. Either that or the new HK receiver? (Had an 80's Yamaha prior). I've yet to walk up to them to close inspect, but they are now tainted. My replacement goal kicked up a notch in urgency. :( I'll make them right someday and will never part with them. It's looking like most anything would be an improvement over my current state.

And yes - the khorns would fit nicely. We measured, and in the grand scheme of things - it's petite.

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