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WOW! Look Ma, I'm SOMEBODY now!


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If you need a TIFF viewer, get it here:


Never link directly to 'IMAGES' at the USPTO, the links expire in a very short time. Link to the main page, and then the user clicks on 'IMAGES'.


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Congrats Dana, I have admired your avatar for some time now. That is VERY COOL that you went the extra mile to patent your design. We are in some awesome company here on the Forum. Keep us up to date on patent news (like how long does it take for the 'pending' to go away?) and production of more working models.


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when can we see some frequency response measurements of these out in the garden? or in your room?

Hi, Tony. Well unfortunately not anytime soon, I'm afraid.

I would have to pay someone to do it, and that's pretty unlikely for now...

I could draw one, though, off the top of my head - that's pretty much what the industry does, ain't it?[;)]


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(I draw plans for a living using AutoCad (drawings for electrical installations on navy ships, equipment fabrication, etc.). I t's amazing what AutoCad can do, but I also have great respect for our designers at work in the years B.C. (before computers). They produced beautiful drawings the old fashioned way, something I have trouble with).

Those are excellent drawings, Dana.

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I thought they draw first, then measure.

Al, I couldn't go beyond QuickBASIC, you used VisualBASIC for your software,' didn't you? (You're also in my book, on page 1....the crossover book).

BTW, I started on the second set of universal A's, based on the scaling tips you gave me. I am also now seriously thinking about ESN for the low section. I am using EV drivers, though. Are there value changes I have to make?


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No.. I only use BASIC for little quickie programs to investige equations I want to run over and over. All my software is written in ANSI "C".

All my woofer/squawker networks are very flexable with respect to squawker drivers. The transformer taps will accomodate any driver that is in the neighborhood of 110 dB efficiency ragardless of 8 or 16 Ohms. That's most all good ones. The woofer should be a K33 though. The ES netwroks for designed to see 6 Ohms in series with 1 mHy voice coil inductance. It's not REAL critical though.

Al K.

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