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Go, Texas!

Jeff Matthews

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T'was the night of the Rose Bowl.and all through the land,

All the Longhorns were stirring, even the band.

The tickets were purchased for the game, room, and air.

In hopes that "Saint Vincent" would soon be there!!

The fans were tailgating from their truck beds,

While a vision of a championship danced in their heads.

And Bevo in his bridle, and me in my cap.

Had just popped a cold one before the first snap.

When out on the turf there arose such a clatter,

I sprang to my feet to see what was the matter!!

My eyes fixed on the tunnel, and the thundering herd;

The roar of the fight song; I sang every word!!

They ran to the end zone, and knelt to their maker.

Giving thanks for TEXAS, and the victory later!!

When, what to my wondering eyes should appear.

Coach Mack in his glory, "THE HEAD COACH OF THE YEAR"!

And our hero from Houston that I haven't seen since;

I knew in a moment it must be "Saint Vince"!

More rapid than eagles his posse they came.

And he whistled and shouted and called them by name!



To the top of the world for a championship crown!

Now dash away, dash away, to a TEXAS touchdown!

They fought with fury! They fought with might!

They fought like champions on this championship night!

Oh! The bombs they flew, and the holes blew open.

The Longhorns ran the ball just as we were hop'in.

The defense attacked, and oh, they played hard!

Stopping the Trojans, in their own back yard!

Mack's eyes how they twinkled, his dimples, how merry!

His cheeks were like roses, the "crystal ball" he did carry!

He embraced his coaches, he embraced his team!

And "The Eyes of TEXAS" we all did sing

A season that will live forever in lore;


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Top Posters In This Topic

Born in Texas. There till 6.

Grew up most of my younger years in New York (south of Buffalo).

Could not WAIT, could NOT physically WAIT to come home. Haven't been back in twenty years...

Friend, I miss the trees, I miss the Lake (Erie), I miss the wine

country and vineyard I grew up on. I miss 18 mile creek, Shea's

Buffalo Theater top balcony and $2 cases of Genny Cream Ale.

Don't miss dingus day, crumbling infrastructure, state income taxes

that go to the 'City' (New York), bankrupt city government (Buffalo),

state police that think they are dirty Harry or large winter

women (MY experience, no offense to the large amonst us - I am no

wilting daisy myself, but my Texas wife sure is purty - had to come

home to find her!). There is a reason why everyone up in Western

New York

knows the old polka, "I don't want her, you can have her, she's too


You need to come to Ft. Worth, I don't cross the Trinity into Dallas

unless it is an emergency, seriously. And over here (for the most

part), the only cows you are going to see have hooves. ;)

Oh and it was 84 here yesterday, and dry as a bone. EDIT -

Haven't seen an armadillo in years...but we have sure seen a LOT of

yankees (literally, THOUSANDS) moving in to the Metroplex who don't

think this place is half bad...

If it can't be the Frogs, Hook-em horns!


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Actually, little place called "Eden", close to Hamburg. 18

mile wends into some nice steep little valleys, but old man Kromer's

mill has fallen down or been torn out I hear...too bad. Been

politely ask to leave there at the business end of a shot gun several

times, good days. Too few unfortunately.

Dad was steel worker, I lived through the days of driving into the city

and having to cover my nose because the smell was so bad outside the

Bethlehem steel smelter, ahhh the memories. How 'bout that skyway

in a high wind? Yup, those were the good old days...blizzards were nice

though, and so was the CANADIAN side of the falls, Niagara on the Lake

was THE place...could have lived in Canada man, but our side was just

plain embarrassing..still like that, anyone know? What happened

to the "Turtle"?? Let me guess...

I pass...


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Yes, definitely Texas. Been to California my first time when I

was 13. Ooooh mannn!! California girls!! Can't

wait! Stick out tongue [<img src='https://community.klipsch.com/uploads/emoticons/default_tongue.png' alt=':P'>]

Friends, California girls don't hold a candle to purdy little Texan gals!


Unless they are attorneys...;)

By the by, what area of law do you practice? Have you been stupid enough to get board certified? (Don't do it man...)


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At Mickey Rats? Vail? huh? Since when? When I

used to go to Rats it was a dive (and I myself was vastly

underage)...but then it has been a very long time. All those

little areas (Derby) along the lake were (in the old days) crumbling

little shacks. Oh well, things change. Wentworth state park

was always nice though, I think that was how you spell it...

Nice reminiscing, I need a drink. And don't forget the pussywillows...


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By the by, what area of law do you practice? Have you been stupid enough to get board certified? (Don't do it man...)


Funny you put it that way. Why? Actually, you're right, though IMHO. Certification has too many strings attached...... more dues, more CLE hours. Forget that! I can still run circles around alot of 'em. Been up against the big firms plenty of times - even, for a short while, I had the honor of being up against the former Chief Justice of our Texas Supreme Court. Yep! His client paid us pretty good [pi][Y] .... as he should have, of course! [;)]

Fort Worth's got some pretty nice people up there, and it is a nice town. I've got a former client up there who is now a friend. We hook up once a year and tube the Guadalupe. [Y]

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