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Now I've seen EVERYTHING!!! "Brilliant Pebbles"


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This auction is for a "Starter Kit" of 6 Brilliant Pebbles - two Large, two Mini and two Mikro. Instructions for using Brilliant Pebbles are included with the Starter Kit.

Brilliant Pebbles are small clear glass bottles containing precious and semi-precious crystals. Brilliant Pebbles are prepared and assembled using a number of advanced techniques.

Each size Brilliant Pebbles is intended for specific applications; for example, the Large size is intended for room corners, on top of tube traps, on top of speaker cabinets, etc. The Mini size should be used on top of CD player, on turntable armboards, etc. The Mikro size is best on Quantum Symphony and Electraclear line purifiers and in proximity to small electron tubes.

Brilliant Pebbles act as resonance control devices in most applications, and EMI/RFI absorbers in other applications. All Brilliant Pebbles operate via atomic mechanisms in crystal lattice structures.

Brilliant Pebbles are masters of image density, focus and dynamics.

Photos of Brilliant Pebbles in various applications can be seen at:


Customer Comments for Brilliant Pebbles can be seen at:


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No wonder my right speaker sounds better than my left! A glass bowl of Vancouver Island beach rocks is closer to it than the left one. These are Brilliant Pepples in their most primitive and powerful state, and I will let a few (only a few) go for less than $200 a piece.

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Come to think of it, There are some brilliant pebbles in my fish tank. The fish that hang around them swim more "fluidly", and you can see them "clearer" than the other fish. Yeah, Yeah, That's it. Clearer.

I wonder if I could scoop them out and put them in the back of my Mesa/Boogie. It has 4 12ax7s and 12 6L6GCs. They would resonate together and the bias would be more stable when I play my Bb string at about 30HZ. Yeah, Yeah......

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Sorry for the somewhat lengthy reply, but you guys are simply not keeping an open mind. As, as the high school paper back at Ludlowe used to say, the only thing wrong with an open mind is it collects dirt...

Okay. You don't believe Brilliant Pebbles are a serious technology. How about...

The GSIC-10 Intelligent Chip in its Protective Case



The Intelligent Chip works quantum mechanically via coherent quantum

superposition and quantum entanglement; two coherent light sources (the

CD player laser and the Q-dots in the Chip) interact strongly with the

atoms and molecules in the CD's polycarbonate layer to produce

long-lasting, superior optical transparency of the polycarbonate layer.

This superior optical transparency produces better optical signal to

noise ratio (SNR) during the laser-reading process, thus better sound!

Laser light escapes the CD player chassis through a number of small

holes and narrow gaps in the player case. The emitted light from the

quantum dots in the Chip instantaneously comingles with the CD laser

light in the room and inside the CD player, changing the atomic

structure of the polycarbonate layer of the CD. The "new machine"

improves upon the Intelligent Chip method (Chip-outside-the-box) in

some cases. The very existence of the "new machine" lends credence to

this Definitive Explanation of How the Intelligent Chip Works."

Ray says Please read the full story at:


If that doesn't float your boat, how about:

The Silver Rock Signature Knob


only $485.00 (that's not a typo) - see


Then there's this:


(wish I could find a better picture, but they seem to keep a low profile.)

That, my friends, is the Ruby Mountain Signature G6 power cord, made by Siltech. check out:


A 6 foot length costs (drum roll, please...)

Seven Thousand Eight Hundred Dollars (and no cents.) (notice the suble pun...)

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I have some of those Intelligent Chips, but mine are even smarter! They are labeled with Numbers on one side to show their dedicated purpose. There are an inordinant amount of Es and Is though...........

Secondly, I bought a nice small wood box at a tag sale ($.05) that has a little drawer on it with those knobs. It's even better because I can just put the box on TOP of my stereo and it works without changing the look of the front........... So, THERE!!! I must be a wealthy man without knowing it!!!....

I just have to lie about what I paid for the stuff...!!!! Oh, did I tell you that on the molecular level, My stereo sounds much better.......

I can't buy the power cord, INFORTUNATELY!!!, because my house is 100 years old, and already wired with special "AGED" copper dialectic one direction "TWO LEAD" (Not three, that adds distortion) wire in a metal case. This superb wiring is especially run with leads about 1'apart in signal runs where possible, through cellar joists and ceramic crystal standoffs (again reduces distortion)"Makes a big difference with 117V". So having a cord like that would just cause an imbalance in the electron flow momentum of the existing network!!

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I rather have a jar of m&m or candy on my speakers then semi precious jewels....

How about we put a $50,000 gold bar ontop of out speakers. Atleast that

weighs alot and dampens the speaker for real. And we can always sell it

later if we're out of cash buying all these snake oil.

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