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KHorn grills

Jeff Matthews

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Thanks so much for the pics. I just brought home some black Burlap, which either is what Klipsch uses, or it is good enough.

Would you please post pics with the grill on the KHorn? I'm trying to see if there is a bevel in front. Thanks.

I'm thinking there is a bevel so that the outside edge of the grill is flush with the right and left corners of the bass bin.

Hopefully, I've described what I am looking for clearly enough.

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I'm going to take Dean's advice and nicely install grill cloth over the squawker and tweeter of my LaScallas. I'm doing this to just TAKE THE EDGE OFF the highs. Don't get me wrong, I love the sound of these killer speakers, but sometimes it would be nice to have a touch less brilliance. Dean says the cloth should do it. No, I am NOT going to have the crossovers reworked... I like it the way they are. These are new 04 or 05's.

I think I'll attach the cloth to a very light frame and attach the frame to the speakers via Velcro spots. Quick on for lousy, bright old cds, and off for the good sounding new stuff.

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Jeff - Black Burlap? Doesn't sound very pretty. I can't take pics of how they attach at this time. Do you have brackets on the khorns for them or are those also missing?

JPM - if you do that project, can you post pics? I might have to do the same if I buy some.

How are the grill frames attached normally? Are they fixed - with nails?

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Well, if it's burlap as I know it, burlap is softer feeling and these have a bit of sheen to them. Nice even waffleing. Perhaps there are different grades of burlap that I'm not familiar with.

The frame is one piece on mine (1981). The grill cloth is like a window effect. Thick squares and inside each little square is a finer weave.

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Not to state the obvious--okay, okay, I AM stating the obvious--but grille cloth is a special type of cloth designed and woven so it will absorb as little of the sound waves coming through it as possible.

Any other cloth is not speaker cloth, and, although it may be designed for special purposes, such as carrying potatoes, etc., it will not have the same negligible sonic effects as actual speaker cloth. Of course, that may not matter to everyone.

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If keeping them "original" is a goal, then I would go ahead and get actual grill cloth.

Hardhead is correct that grill cloth is not simply fabric. There have been threads in the past about suggested vendors selling the real thing.

The wood frame for the side grills would not be difficult to construct. If that is not your thing, they occasionally come up for sale on e-Bay etc.

Good luck,


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