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Rolex (used but pristine with warranty) & Tag Heuer (NEW with warranty) for sale


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Pictures to follow

Probably going to get disowned for putting this here BUT...

I'm getting ready to put my wifes Rolex and Tag Heuer onto Ebay. Thought I'd post here in case anyone MIGHT be looking for something like this AND prefer to get it from someone you might know a bit more about than Joe Schmoe on Ebay.

A quick recap:

Rolex: Ladies 18kt gold & stainless steel DateJust, about 6 years old, has the $1,500 "Jubilee Serti" (diamond) option dial on it, retailed for about $5,400. Going onto ebay with $3,500 reserve. It's been to Rolex and completely serviced and refurbished and has NOT been worn ONCE since then. This watch looks showcase new. Wife works in jewlery store and has probably bought watches like WE buy amps... This was her 'fancy' work watch for while and as such, she always kept it pristine and more importantly, keep the band clean and dirt out of the links. There is about six months left on the warranty from Rolex Service (also has serial numbers on watch...this is a real one)

Tag Heuer:

This is a brand new, just received today (I personally signed the UPS thing for it this afternoon). She won it in a work contest. It's a MANS full sized "AquaRacer", the NEWEST style. Stainless band with black face. This hasn't even been tried on...I know because if anyone would have done it, it would have been ME [6]. This will have Tag's FULL warranty on it WITH serial numbers, unlike some of the folks on ebay selling gray markets. This is from a legit dealer (her work is Rolex/Tag/Breitling/other dealer)

Kind of funny story, when she started working there some 10 years ago, she came home ROLLING her eyes..."Richard...OMG.... I've messed up working there... they're not a "real" jewlery store, they mainly sell WATCHES" (rolls eyes even more)..

"Do you know how BORING watches are???" "I won't be able to STAND this"

Fast forward about 6 weeks into the Christmas season and she was their FIRST person to ever sell a $25,000 Rolex Presendtial 18kt solid gold watch. her attitude on selling watches changed literally overnight! She loves them now! Funny how sales might do that to someone. She's gone on to buy many and WIN many watches, such as this Tag (and bracelets/rings/other)

In case anyone wonders why "I" do not take this watch, I already have my dream watch (if I may be so brash), I've got a 18kt/stainless Tag Heuer 6000 Automatic Chronograph. She bought me a Rolex once and I had her take it back. I'm a happy camper with my 6000. (and I love mechanical watches!)

Anyways, I've got both of these heading to Ebay VERY shortly. Matters not to me if no one finds interest but if you DO have an interest, you can rest assured these are 100% legit.

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Silly girl... I'm TOAST when she finds out I just today bought a preamp and power amp from Charles (Frezinvmt). The only thing that MIGHT save some grace is I also sold one (of two) OTL amps so she can see SOMETHING going out the door instead of always in!

I'm afriad I told Tom (?) and Charles that if I disappear, then the farm where we live is to be searched for a DEEP freshly dug hole (I own a full sized industrial backhoe with 15 1/2 digging depth). furthermore, that if said wife is noticed to be snickering, then said snickering is to be purposely construed as incriminating behavior!! (fresh backhoe tracks will lead to clues, albiet perhaps smelly clues)


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I'd bet if you priced a NEW "cheapie" stainless model, you'd consider jumping up for the value here. Something a lot of people don't know is, the "basic" Rolex band stretches out over time (as do most watches when dirt reams out their links)

This has the (much) nicer band and frankly, will hold up a lot longer than the one with smaller links.

Anyways, that's not why I'm typing all this... seems I might not have mentioned pricing on the Tag?

Retail is $1,095 plus tax of course, Wifey is asking $795 with NO tax and we'll pay (ground) shipping to you. Again, to reiterate, she works at an authorized Tag dealer so this will be a 100% legit/warrantied purchase.


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... Something a lot of people don't know is, the "basic" Rolex band stretches out over time (as do most watches when dirt reams out their links)[:D]

This is especially true with the 18k gold braslets.

When I stopped in Rolex USA in New York city about 4 years ago to have ours looked at, they quoted me $5,500 to recondition the braslets and service the pair I bought my wife and myself a little over 10 years eariler.

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Hmmmmmmm ..... (peruses pictures, thinks it looks pretty cool, interesting)......


This coming from a guy who doesn't even wear watches (that's what cell phones are for, hehe).....but it was neat to see something that close up, that I likely would not take time to see otherwise. Thanks for sharing.[Y]

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