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12 gage speaker wire...?? Different manufactuers.


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I still believe that sonic differences, as heard, do show up in frequency response curves measured by machines.

So if any speaker wire manufacturer (or anyone else)can come up with an improved response curve, I'll be the first to take a very close look.

To my knowledge, no one has. It would make a convincing sales pitch, or sales fact, if they could.

The premise that measurements do reflect hearing, and vice versa, is an unpopular one in many situations.

On the other hand, it is not uncommon for people's perception of bass and treble to actually follow the published curves from speakers. E.g. I don't think that anyone here is saying a LaScala has the deep bass of the K-Horn. And this is what the frequency response curves predict.


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Originally posted by IndyKlipschFan:

My Origional thought was:

12 Gauge speaker cable, and properly shielded. My example Woods Wire made in the USA (In this case LOWES, or any Home Depot) provided a BIG savings. IMO... << I guess that is the problem, it is just that, an opinion>> This could save people wiring a room when they need 150 ft in my case or more in speaker wire. Kind of help your fellow "klipsch friends" with a great find.

I think you meant properly insulated. Regardless that brings up a downside of cheap speaker cable. Reliability. I hope your low cost cable is cheap because of low marketing costs and not lower manufacturing expense, read quality. If not try not to put too much wear on the jackets or hope there not a defect. The only amps i have ever blown were due to that - a short inside the speaker cable.


live long & prosper

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So, you made and tested the Cat. 5 network cable tip from tnt-audio.com and the best design they've come up with so far, the Full Frequency Range Cable.

I'm curious as to whether or not you've tried wiring your whole setup that way yet, and if you have decided not to, what's holding you back?

The Cat. 5 should be pretty cheap at a good local computer shop, or maybe ordering a reel online.

I'm mostly just wanting to read an extensive 'review' of the FFRC when used for the whole system.

Have you tried any other experimental wiring jobs? What's your thoughts on the DIY AC shielded cable?

Anything to get better sound with a small investment of funds (at least compared to the 'commercial' alternatives) is of great interest to me.

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I'm with Paul W. Klipsch on this one. Good thick lamp chord is all you need. Oxygen free? PLEASE....give me a break! Isn't the element of copper (cu) oxygen free by it's nature. I don't see an "O" in it's elemental symbol.

Thick Monster cable look ultra cool and have a certain appeal. Will they improve my system in a noticeable way. Not on your life. Your money is better spent on ther things. If money's no object...go crazy and impress your friends. They might give some sort of placebo effect. Who knows.

OK you thick cable fans who spent a months salary on cables and interconnects. Flame away!!! Smile.gifSmile.gifSmile.gif

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I think OFC speaker cables are just more marketing hype. The main difference with OFC isn't so much the removal of oxygen as the removal of other impurities like iron. Its 99.5+ % pure copper. Net result is about a 1% reduction in resistance over normal speaker wire of the same gauge, hardly significant.

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I'm just using the Cat-5 for my 2 channel system. I'm not going to use it for my HT because I'm not as critical with movies. My HT is very modest so I won't bother with cat-5 cables. 14 gauge zip is just fine for me in that aspect.

You can but the enhanced cat5 with a plenum jacket at Rat Shack. It's 35 cents a foot and you buy what you need. I bought 100 feet for 35 bucks for and made an 8 ft. pair.

What's your thoughts on the DIY AC shielded cable?

Never heard of it,I must admit. Is that at TNT too? If it is, I never took notice.

My new Arcam A 75 I.A. just arrived today and its sound exceeded my expectations and It will even get better with time.

The RF3s and the Arcam are a perfect match!!! :-)

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Who would ever bother with 12 ga. Monster Cable?

12ga. wire from Lowe's damn well better sound just as good. It will oxidize quicker though, so you may have to replace it more often.

For my money, MIT Terminator speaker cables are the ultimate in sound improvement over 12 gauge (unless you can afford the more expensive MH-750 cables or can sacrifice the price of a week long sea cruise for something from their Oracle line). The sonic improvements in the MIT speaker cables are very real, but then again,int the MIT cables we're dealing with something a little beyond simple speaker wire gauge.

Try 'em if you get the chance. I guarantee you'll notice improvements.

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Also -

Cheap CAT-5 cable often causes problems in any modern nework. It has little ability to sheild the signal from point-source magnetisms that may occur along its length (curling the cable back over itself, or passing along side or over an electrical cord are good examples of this). I suspect that cat5 cable would not fare well as speaker cable for the same reasons. Any small electrical influence along its length will rearrange those electrons creating distortions and imaging problems. Not sure how easily CAT 5 oxydizes..oxydization seems to affect the top and bottom end of the hearing spectrum as well as limiting the dynamics.

Not sure how good CAT5 cable would hold up.


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