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1st Indy Pilgrimage Group Picture

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The guy in the tie is Gill McDermott. Watch what you say, you may end up in court. He is a lawyer from downtown Chicago [:|]

Gil is a great guy. The last time he was at my house, he gave us a 15 min speach on anything you wanted to know about Kubrick's 2001 space odesey. Very Interesting.

Remember his play by play building speaker thread with the dolls. That was classic.


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Was just looking at my old pics. Here is the 1st Indy trip group shot from 2003. Boy has this thing gotten a lot bigger over the years.

What happened to good old JohnnyDB? He's 2nd from left, bottom row, black shirt. Haven't seen him around in a while.

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Hi there,

I really am not that large... :) and I definitely didn't have on a purple backpack. I'm surprised that someone is able to hide that completely behind me. See this series of 1st year Indy pics for the face belonging to the purple shirt...


It looks like this thing has grown a bit since the first year! I look forward to attending again tomorrow.


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It is not a tie. It is THE tie, a KLIPSCH tie, given to me by Ms. Valerie at the first Pilgrimage to Hope.

They are not dolls. They are very low paid members of the SAG. (They couldn't find work when talkies came out and their acting is considered rather wooden.)


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see the watch on the LEFT wrist? Yet the guy in the white T-shirt has his arms behind him.

The guy in the tie...well, it's the wrong arm for him.

are you sure that's not Phillips? he hides a lot [8-)]

Might have been me, was a few days ago. I used to wear a black watch, wasn't hiding [H], don't remember having Klipsch shirt that color...

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