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Anyone able (interested) in converting a PDF file to PPT?


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I've got a PDF file, I do not see ANY copyright marks on it. Not saying they're not there, just that I don't see them.

Anyways, this was given to us to use in a semiar and it came in a PDF format. I'd like to put it into a powerpoint format so I can use it there.

Anyone able to swing it over? (we also want to ADD some info to it so it has to be editable)


If so, just send me your email or PM me.

TIA [:D]

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Just import it into your .ppt presentation file it is a piece of cake.

Open Powerpoint, go the page where you want the .pdf file, click Insert - Object, choose Adobe File from the menu of file types in the box that pops up, then it will allow you to browse your drives for the location of the .pdf document. Hit save and your done. Now wasn't that easy.

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as far as I know, Frzinvt's approach would just insert the .pdf icon into your .ppt file - meaning there would be a 'clickable" icon there.

if you want the actual image inserted into the .ppt, try this:

open the .pdf image. crop out the area you want (or to eliminate the white edge) - then "save as .jpg"

then insert the .jpg version into your .ppt presentation.

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No it puts the actual document (viewable) not an icon. I tried it before I posted the instructions I am Microsoft MOS Certified on Word, Excel, and Powerpoint so what do I know. It will not work right if you try and drop it right in. It also makes a difference if it is a multi or single page document which you did not mention. You would have to extract the individual pages for insertion or you will end up with an "icon" type link if it is a multipage document.

This also dependent on the versions that you are using. I am using Office 2003, it will vary slightly on previous or subsequent versions.

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