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Tube Dampers


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HALO tube dampers, by:

Steve Herbelin
Herbie's Audio Lab
240 Cloud Crossing
Cibolo, TX 78108
(210) 658-9439

On my equipment, tube dampers helped on one preamp but not another. Ken Stevens, CAT manufacturer, suggested which tubes in his preamp to put them on in his preamp, and I got a nice increase in clarity and grit reduction. I used the pricey Tubesox.

Dampers didn't do much on my Joule Electra preamp, as Jud Barber predicted. Steve Herbelin was extremely good about taking them back.


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I use regular teflon "O" rings at $1.50 each from a local auto parts store. They're for high performance applications and disperse the heat very well. They're recommended to be put around the getters only.

I use them on the amp and preamp both on SOME tubes but not all.


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What tube dampers do you recommend?


No, just a waste of $, that's only ***. ..... yes, I've tried them. Rank'em right up there with snake oil and chicken lips.


Chicken lips fry up so good though : )  I have never tried tube dampeners because I like them naked.

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