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Okay, here's the deal, I told dtel's wife ( my mom ) that she had to go for a ride with me Sunday when I go down there for a visit. The reason she needs to go is because her birthday/Christmas present is being delivered to her house AND she doesn't need to be there so it can get wrapped. Hmmm, wonder what it could be?!?!

P.S.- It's NOT Klipsch! My budget is ENTIRELY too tight for that (except maybe a tshirt LOL)

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Indy: That would definitely hinge on what your definition of "naughty" and "nice" means....

It's my understanding that she (dtel's wife) has been consumed with "Santa" duties. Last time we talked she was neck deep in Christmas presents that needed to be wrapped (which isn't saying much since she's only 5ft tall). BUT, nevertheless, I think that's what happened, Christmas sucked her in!

I think most of what she was doing was stuff for the grandkids (she has 5 of them).

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I think I know what it is but not sure ? If it's what I think it can't really be wrapped.

We are maby leaving Saturday and not getting back home till around 2pm Sunday if that helps with the , her not being home part.

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YES! That will help ALOT. And yes, without you saying...you are probably right! Jamie told me that the suspense was killing her and that she was asking everyone in the house questions.

Finally, someone gets to surprise mom for once! We (the daughters) have never been able to keep secrets from her. I think this secret is killing US more than it is HER!

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