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... If it's what I think it can't really be wrapped. ...

while difficult, a tractor or a house boy can be wrapped ... a lot of wrapping if it's a very big tractor, and be sure not to wrap too tightly if a house boy so he can get some air

a tractor I suppose can be found for less than the cost of Klipsch at auction

the cost of the house boy, I suppose, depends on the length of stay or if he just works for food?

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Double...I thought they fixed that!

Maybe that one's user error? That said, this used to happen occasionally to Colterphoto1. I thought he mentioned it might have had something to do with his connections being awful slow at the time.... but I think he even got 3 or more a couple of times.

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Well, it wasn't dtel in a leather thong dancing on a brass pole!...nor was it a houseboy!

Most of you may know my birthday is December 25....better known as Christmas Day. I will be 49 years old this year. Before I married dtel I never even had a birthday cake. My mother NEVER bought/made me a birthday cake. My birthday cake was whatever Christmas dessert was on the menu for that year....usually a carrot cake. When dtel and I married his mother made it a point to have a birthday cake for me every single year on Christmas Day.

Well, Elden's sister decided it was high time I have a surprise birthday party. (She didn't even realize I've never had a birthday party....let alone a surprise birthday party until today). Anyway, dtel and I spent the night at a hotel/casino on the Gulf Coast last night. When we got home today I was given the "surprise" of my life. I had real birthday balloon arrangements.....six in all. A Happy Birthday banner...a real birthday cake (which was beautiful)......real guests and plenty of birthday presents!

I was shocked....I can't believe at 49 years old I know what it is like to have a real birthday party. I really thought the "present" referred to in this thread was lawn furniture! I didn't receive lawn furniture, but I did receive some very beautiful gifts...Needless to say several times during the day today I was crying. I couldn't believe people would go out of their way to do so such a special thing for me.

I want to thank all of my family for keeping this such a surprise...pretty amazing that for once no one including Buddy told the secret....although Buddy is the best secret keeper in the world. I want to especially thank dtel's sister who spent her time and money, but most of all put so much love into this party for me. My daughters deserve a huge thanks also for keeping me "off track" during the planning of this. To our friends who were able to attend....thank you for caring.....

And apparently several of you knew about this....thank you for letting me enjoy my surprise.

Oh yes, before I forget....Coytee....get a house girl for the windows.[:D]

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Ah Shucks, no Leather Thong ................ ............ Glad you got a party Christy, 49, your just starting another phase of your life, You Enjoy it, I know you've earned it, besides, from what I read about you guys, You as a Family have more than birthday presents can provide .......... You and Dtel seem pretty lucky to me .................... MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL !!!!!!!!!! ...............

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