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La Scala Bass Mod - again


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Hi @Limberpin


A test that may interest you: close one of the two vents on each speaker with a thick, airtight cloth and tell us if it's better. This test is completely reversible and does not damage your equipment. The bass reflex will be tuned lower, listen. If you don't like it, take it all off and it will go back to how it was before.




Here is the same test on an ONKEN speaker





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I listened again last night with my sub on and the thing I have noticed is that with the ported mod the sound is cleaner. The bass seems less boomy and more real where sound is concerned. It doesn't hit you like at a concert, but it feels like it rounds the sound out in a very nice way. 


I will mess  around some more with tuning after we get back from our trip, but I can say, I'm no longer disappointed that I built this. Its a nice addition to the system at this juncture and I will tune the ports a little more when I get back to see if I can gain just that last little bit that the DATS v3 curves are showing me I can get.

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On 10/17/2021 at 1:19 PM, ClaudeJ1 said:

Here's another hint for y'all. Build the Anarchy Sub box a few inches thicker and use the 8" Tang Band Sub driver instead. This will give you another 6 db more output capability if you use the next up plate amp also for a few bucks more.




Old post here. I'm really thinking about building a couple of these Anarchy boxes as my 1st build. I'll be using them as bases for LSIs. I'd like to use 8" drivers, but the Tang Band is unavailable and requires ordering 50. I'm a relative newbie and don't understand driver specs well enough to choose a replacement. @ClaudeJ1would this one be suitable?  https://www.parts-express.com/Dayton-Audio-DCS205-4-8-Classic-Subwoofer-4-Ohm-295-200

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