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Another use for Vodka


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I had to laugh when I went into Sergei's little room behind his listening room and he was in there cleaning vinyl with Vodka. I guess it's very difficult to get the proper cleaning fluid in Russia. He says it works o.k.

It's just funny, because before I went to Russia, all I heard about was how much Vodka they drank over there. We consumed much more Vodka by cleaning vinyl than we drank! Sergei doesn't drink a drop of any alcholic beverage.

Sergei has a great stereo system. He's probably got $30K tied up in his TT (keep in mind things are much more expensive in Russia). For the first time, I learned what it is that audiophiles like about vinyl. I actually heard the difference between the vinyl and CD. It isn't about frequency response or hi-fidelity, it's about the LIFE of the music.



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Greg, That's too funny. Recently at my job we've been having a lot of Russians and Ukranians making deliveries. A few months ago my dog was sick and I had him in the warehouse so I could later take him to the vets. Anyway this russian fella was admiring my dog and he said "You must take 50 to 70 grams vodka. Pour down dog's throat. Hold mouth". I laughed so hard because I already knew that his cure would have something to do with vodka. Seems like they use it for everything. Kinda like the old man in "My Big Fat Greek Wedding" that used windex for all kinds of ailments. Mark

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Vodka in Russia is an interesting thing.

In the stores, there are plastic bottles of vodka for sale, many different brands. Down the shelf is bottles of water. I was never too thrilled to drink the local tap water.

The vodka was more expensive than the water.

Almost makes economic sense to be an continuous vodka drinker....


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I wonder if MaxG has ever tried cleaning his LPs with Ouzo?Hmm

That would be no - there is other stuff besides alcohol in Ouzo that gives it its peculiar taste. Now Raki might work - closer to pure alcohol - but it might also dissolve the vinyl.....

Might have a go one day with a record I do not care too much about.

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