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Tire pressure vs Fuel shortages


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Everything has a price, and any dealer will happily transfer a vehicle to another if the price is right. THe more specific answer is because demand outweighs Toyota's production. The dealers aren't going to give up a vehicle to another dealer for cost (or cost plus transportation) when they can sell it to a customer for $10,000 over MSRP.

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Early 1994 I bought a brand new Eagle Talon 2.0L non-Turbo w/ an auto trans.

The window sticker said: 21MPG City - 27MPG Highway .....and it did pretty much that after the motor broke in.

About two years later I got the "tinkering" bug and did the following:

-Had the exhaust manifold ported by a local engine shop. I did the R&R.

-Installed a high flow but mild sounding cat-back system (Borla).

-Indexed the spark plugs (pointed the open gap towards the intake valve).

-Installed yee good ol' K&N drop in air filter.

-Used only Sunoco 94 Oct gas.

-Filled the tires from 29F / 26R to 33F / 30R

Result?? 41MPG Highway and 26MPG City. And the car balanced perfectly. If I took a very hard cloverleaf turn, all four tires would start to break loose at the same time.

Oh........when I sold the car the same set of tires had over 60k/miles on them and they lasted the guy I sold the car to another 20k/miles (Goodyear RS/A's).

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