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Do you want the bad news first?


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Just good to hear it is coming together with burn-in and more attention to setup. It all really does matter and the more attuned you get, the more discerning you are, the better you will become at getting the system "Right" and in the sweet spot.

I still think the Rega is a good idea and mixes with vintage (and new vintaage) Klipsch VERY well. You might find it outdoing your digital combo all alone (besides the great transport aspect). It' one of the most well-balanced players out there and the Rega unit (18 Bit Burr Brown Rega modified) will outdo most separates and 24 bit players in the sub 1500 range. It is extremely rich sounding and very grain free.... Had detail without being harsh.


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Well Mobile, I know Ben understands the effects of break-in with audio gear.

I don't think he'll be debating anyone on this issue.

Sounds like those speaker's finally settled-in, among other things.

I agree with Mobile on not going too hog-wild with a cd/dvd player as a transport, with a external DAC converter.

The nice converters are spendy, and a cheap DAC, is a cheap DAC.

I think it really takes some knowledge in implementation of a proper Transport/DAC set up, in order to get the best from the idea.

Sometimes using average DVD/CD players as transports,

with a average DAC may be just more stuff in the single path, and could be more detrimental to sound than just a stand alone player.

The clock jitter thing I guess.

My two cents, whatever.Wink.gif

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Glad your system is coming together. I have had the Heresey's for a week and I'm still smiling. I even listened to the Super Bowl off the radio last night and it sounded great.

Now the question is when are you going to start looking for a pair of Cornwalls?

I hope you have many hours of listening pleasure. They truly are great speakers.


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BenG...Glad to hear that things have much improved! Nice to have group of folks who are willing to polk fun and tease you, to the point of delightful sounds! Enjoy...Wes

Hey Jim....truly glad to see you're back on line...more later..back to work for me now....Regards..Wes



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