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  1. Please see my reply in the other thread (only need to post about it once)
  2. Did you click "Forgot my password" on the login form? Everyone's password was reset upon forum migration. Edit: I sent a test email from this server. The test email bounced. Please see the PM I sent you for more info.
  3. Please read the FAQ: http://community.klipsch.com/index.php?/topic/146184-forum-faq/
  4. Jeesh. When I was 14 all I had was a portable single-speaker radio. Uphill. In Snow. Both Ways. /getoffmylawn
  5. If you find yourself having to log in to the forums daily even if you have "remember me" checked, try deleting your browser cookies for this site. That seems to solve the issue.
  6. Both of those things already exist. Pagination links are already above and below paginated content. You can skip to past page or first page by clicking the double-angle-bracket pagination links.
  7. That's not missing.. in fact you can do this already. Just hover over a member name.
  8. Not sure if this is what you are talking about, but there is a quick-navigation button, near the top of every page, right next to "View New Content". Looks like a Google Maps pin, sorta. No. What I am describing is something I have never seen in any forum software. When you navigate to the root, it shows a long list of available forums..... too long a list to see on one page. This list contains the names of many forums I never go into. I have a few favorites, and that's it. It would be cool to allow a user setting so that on the root page, I see the ones I want to see at the top. That way, I don't have to navigate all the way down to the bottom to navigate into one of my favorite forums. In other words, there is too much scrolling to navigate around from forum to forum. Come to think of it, I think I have seen some forums with a "Quick Jump to Forum" drop down box at the top of each page. You can select from that drop-down box and go immediately to your preferred forum. Aha, you do have a quick navigation button (looks like a light bulb up there). Problem is you have to scroll too much in it because the tree nodes are expanded. You should set them to collapsed to fit all main groups on 1 page. Then user can single-click main group to see sub-forums and pick one. 2 clicks - no scrolling. Much better. Light bulb; Google Maps Pin, what's the difference? That may improve over time. I do know they have a major new version of this software coming relatively soon, so maybe it will include more customizable things like the quick-navigation menu. Otherwise I have to spend a bunch of time writing some custom plugins. My plate is already pretty full. We'll get to some of these things eventually. Keep the suggestions coming!
  9. Hi, There is always the search function to find something you may be looking for. Otherwise, the purpose of the separate forums is to reduce clutter and keep things in their place. This is how forums are really supposed to work. No reason to have a bunch of topics about dogs or cars or beer in a forum about home theater setups
  10. Ah.. I see what you are talking about. Unfortunately, it's for a whole post, not just part of a post. And I just noticed that you can't see who voted your posts up/down, but I think it would be nice to see so I'm turning that option on.
  11. Just use the reputation point vote up/down links. It's better that way Capture.JPG How would I do that in this instance where I wanted to thumbs up your quote? There should be upvote/downvote icons in the lower-right corner of my post.
  12. Trying to ensure things in other forums stay on-topic. http://community.klipsch.com/index.php?/forum/98-off-topic/ Would appreciate our SPAM PATROL/Mods to assist in moving old threads from 2 Channel and General Audio (and others) to Off Topic, if relevant (or, uh, irrelevant... whatever) - in your "downtime". Thanks!
  13. Just use the reputation point vote up/down links. It's better that way
  14. We make it easy to win headphones and other Klipsch stuff! Lots of contests going on during the Colts and Pacers seasons. See here: http://www.klipsch.com/Sweepstakes
  15. Enjoy. http://community.klipsch.com/index.php?/forum/97-sports/
  16. Interestingly, I got this notification, but still nothing from the "What's Playing" thread yet. It's possible that the What's Playing thread is updated so often and the fact that 10 people are currently following that thread (which is updated so often I'm not sure why someone would want to be notified WHEN it's updated, but I digress ) it is causing a bottleneck. Most notifications seem to be working. The email system we are using isn't optimal, so I'm working on a better solution which may help. In the meantime, let it be known that Follow Notifications may or may not work for certain threads.
  17. Seems some email notifications may not be going out. I'm investigating.
  18. Yes, for now, please use the Updates & Modifications Forum.
  19. Profile>My Settings>Notification Options (to change your auto-post-follow prefs) Profile>Content I Follow (to manage what you currently follow)
  20. Hi all, I thought I'd write a post that answers some frequently asked questions about the new forums. This topic will likely be updated over time. As always, you can visit the forum's help system by clicking "Help" at the bottom of the screen. Q: How do I attach/insert images (or other files) to my post? A: There are several ways to do this. When writing a new topic, there is a form called "Attach Files" just below the post editor. Simply click the "choose file" button, select your file, and then click "Attach This File". Once the files are uploaded you will see them on your screen. By default, all attachments are added to the bottom of your message, however, you can add any attachment to a particular section of your post by pressing the "Add to Post" link. If you wish to remove an attachment and have it not appear in your post, simply press the "Delete" link. When replying to a topic with the quick-reply form at the bottom of a topic page, you need to click the "More Reply Options" button to see the attachment form. You can also click "My Media" in the post editor, which will bring up a list of your previously attached files, and photos you may have added to a Gallery. Then you can select the file/image you want to insert. Q: How do I insert a YouTube video into my post? A: On the video's YouTube page, click "Share" under the video, then copy the short URL and paste into your post. For example, if you paste the following URL into your post: ...you get this in your post (when displayed): Q: How do I post specially-formatted text? A: Just to the left of the Font dropdown in the post editor, you should see an icon for Special BBCode. If you click that, you have additional formatting options, such as Acronym: LOL Background color behind text: this has red background Directly link to a member's profile: Spoiler: Q: How do I change my Member Title? A: After you have made 500 posts, you can change the title that displays above your avatar, if you want. Just click your name in the upper-right corner of the screen, then "My Settings". You'll see a Member Title field in the "Profile Information" section of the Profile Settings tab. PLEASE NOTE: Admins have the right to deny your member title if we feel it violates our Forum Rules. Q: Why the heck do I see "X Warning Points" below my avatar (but nobody else's)? A: This forum uses a Warning system that allows Admins and Moderators to give warnings (which include points) to members if they violate the Forum Rules in some way. Points can also be removed over time. You can only see your own points. We currently do not have a warning point policy in place, but may have one depending on need. So for now, it's nothing to worry about. EDIT: The warning point system is currently disabled. Q: Why does my Profile say something like "0 Neutral" in it? A: That is your "Reputation". It is essentially a tally of "Reputation Points" that other members can give you on your posts by clicking the "Vote this post up" button on your post. It's really an arbitrary number for the most part. Q: Why can't I access the Chat tab? A: Chat is currently only for Admins and Moderators for various reasons. That may change sometime down the line. It may not. Q: How do I change my name on the forums? A: Click your name in the upper-right corner of the screen, then "My Settings". Click the Display Name tab. Please note you are limited to the number of times you can change your Display Name within a given period of time. That form will tell you the limit. Q: What are my upload limits? A: Currently, Members are allowed to upload a maximum of 100MB for file/image attachments (including Private Messages and Posts). Per file, the maximum upload file size is 2MB. (limits subject to change) Q: What are my Gallery limits? A: Max disk space: 100MB Max Daily Transfer: 100MB Max # of Albums: 10 Max # of images per album: 500 (limits subject to change)
  21. That is a valid point and one I'm aware of. Unfortunately the feature isn't very robust in terms of options. I think it may be best to disable it and make sure we have our forum rules state there is to be no all-caps topic titles or posts. Sorry Amy, I gotta side with the people on this one I may try to see if I can come up with a better solution eventually (unless they make major improvements to it in the next version of IP.Board.)
  22. Not sure if this is what you are talking about, but there is a quick-navigation button, near the top of every page, right next to "View New Content". Looks like a Google Maps pin, sorta.
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