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  1. ---------------- On 3/10/2004 2:13:31 PM georgie wrote: Sorry fellas...I'm already hitched. BTW we're not all extra "manly". I'm quite girly. ---------------- I didn't mean GIRLS (although I'm glad you're girly! Manly girls are scary!). I meant how girls thought of us MEN.
  2. Another wardrobe malfunction occurred! Just then, Justin Timberlake fell through the roof...
  3. Yeah, every girl I know thinks it's extra "manly" to be into electronics, along with cars, ambition, etc.
  4. ---------------- On 3/9/2004 2:34:20 PM cjjackson85 wrote: I work in the Best Buy in Twin Falls, ID. I've been working there for 5 months and I only found out about my Klipsch accomodation about 2 months ago. I'll ask my boss how long you gotta work before you get your employee accomodations. I know that you have to work for 30 days before the store discount kicks in though. You've all pretty much convinced me to get the best Reference stuff up front first then the rears later. I do get a discount on recievers so that could always be my next piece. ---------------- So how far exactly does the discount extend to? If you can get discounts on Reference stuff, then does that mean you can also buy receivers that aren't carried by BB? PS - Ever see the Polish brothers' movie about siamese twins called "Twin Falls Idaho?"
  5. ---------------- On 3/9/2004 7:18:45 PM Rdmarsiii wrote: And then all of a sudden Sharoneka Shabomaneka Woods came up and said,"You all up in the KoolAid and dont know the flava!" And then the bose sales lady turned around and... ---------------- ...started shaking that big ol botty thang like a polaroid picture...shaking it so hard that her...
  6. ...had his owner sign them both up for the local pie eating contest, of which he THOUGHT he excelled in until...
  7. Do you have to hook these rock/outdoor speakers to a receiver? Woudn't that mean the receiver has to be in close proximity to the elements, or else just very very long speaker wire?
  8. ---------------- On 3/6/2004 12:52:59 AM RFinco wrote: Dynaudio --a good all around, but doesn't excel in one particular area FOCAL UTOPIA series --incredible mids MB QUART (Flagship line) The best Highs--very precise ---------------- Yes, Dynaudio and Focal Utopia's are some of the best sounding car speakers I've ever heard. Some comparable ones are Boston Acoustics Pro Series, and Oz Audio. ---------------- SUBS: JL Audio--almost no competition for this, these subs are the best. period. ---------------- You've got to be kidding me. JL Audio is good, but Eclipse aluminum or titanium series, or Image Dynamics will eat any JL for lunch. They are FAR from being the best. ---------------- Amps: well..there are some very high level high end amps out there, including Mcintosh, I don't know the greats in this subject...they get very expensive....and at a point its only about power--SPL competitions and such. ---------------- McIntosh like you said, plus some others like Xtant. Expect to pay nicely over $1000 per amp, which usually come in a 4x75 watt variety, or a 500 watt monoblock that can be bridged. ----------------
  9. You might wanna try www.craigslist.org since there is no age requirement, and for the 6 times i've posted ads on there from anything ranging from old sony speakers to a macintosh G4 to a USB hub, I've gotten several callbacks all in the same day. Could be because I'm in LA, but I think you might find some luck too...since all the categories are broken down by city. But dude, get over it. You're not going to get more than $100 for your laptop. Even with new software...it doesn't mean anything because nowadays everybody knows someone who can get free copies of registered software. You're just going to have to accept it.
  10. ---------------- On 3/5/2004 12:01:56 PM m00n wrote: BBB, you have to explain it to me... I have no doubt it's gotta be funny, I just don't get it... Next time we will work on the beeeeeee's? ---------------- "Ehhhhhhhhhhhh" sounds like the letter "A." He was working his way up the alphabet.
  11. ---------------- On 3/4/2004 9:29:43 PM White01L wrote: Why bother ... you couldn't hear it over the sound of the V8 and supercharger anyway. ---------------- Actually, my dual 15's overpower my V8 and powerdyne supercharger.
  12. Yeah man, $500 for a 3 year old laptop is pretty steep.
  13. Good Lord! Well then again...she could just be a teeny tiny person. Like our little Keebler Elf friend on this forum. =)
  14. Try experimenting between 80hz to 120hz. That's often a pretty golden range.
  15. Innova, you're completely correct. Anyone who thinks a skyline GT-R is a rice burner is hugely mistaken. It is, afterall, the equivalent of the Infinity G35 which I doubt anybody would call a rice burner (and by the way, the proper term here in Cali where it originated is "rice rocket"). With all drivers being equalled skilled, on many corner intensive tracks, EVEN without tuning the stock 280HP, a skyline GT-R or a Lan Evo VIII (to name only 2) can keep up within fractions of a second, if not only one second at most, with a 911 Turbo, a 360 Modena, and a host of other European supercars. Not to mention quite easily put an NSX Type S or Vette Z06 to shame because of their lack of 4WD. As Ear said, many mid-priced domestic cars are not as well crafted or designed as their Japanese or European counterparts. However, the Ford GT is unquestionably amazing. The Z06 Vette is still formiddable. The Viper is crazy. And if Cadillac ever releases their 1000hp stock SIXTEEN...the world will stand still. Oh, and Americans make the best trucks. No other country can lay a finger on American trucks. BTW - has anyone else noticed how lately, many of these threads end up turning into debates over automobiles? Not that I have any problem with that. Just an interesting observation...
  16. ---------------- On 2/26/2004 12:17:24 PM hooting_monkey wrote: Notice I said the thread didn't do well in the ProMedia forums. Obviously I am using it in conjucntion with a ProMedia 2.1. Since this is a Powered Subwoofer forum, and I do have a question about Powered Subwoofers, don't be stupid and say post in the ProMedia forums. Also if you didn't happen to read my first post, it says I cannot order online. It has to be availible at a major retailer. Please read nest time. ---------------- Whoa, woke up on the wrong side of the bed did we? Anyhow, I think of the ones you listed, Yamaha would be my choice too. Without a doubt, any velodyne, rsw, or svs sub (to name only a few) would be overkill for the promedia system. But like Erukian said, I don't think the SWS would be too much of a far cry. While it is designed to be more powerful for larger rooms or college parties or hormonally repressed girls like in Howard Stern's movie, it's not overwhelming and I'm sure it can be tuned to blend in with the promedia's well. PS - Looks like we both have anime peeps for our avatars. High five!
  17. I meant a search on the actual Klipsch authorized dealer locator, which you can find on the main site page - not in the discussion forums.
  18. One post per question is fine, you'll get your responses eventually. The Reference series are, like you pointed out, constructed better (and differently) and look much cooler as well. As for sound, there is a night and day difference. If you use the search function on this site, I'm sure you will find more places in SF that have RF speakers available for you to demo than you could hit up in one day. Use the function. Don't buy until you listen.
  19. How about the medicinal effects of mary jane? Or even better, how about how our president is hazardous to everyone's health?
  20. I've actually heard that it's more advisable to place your RS-3II's at the sides, and your quintets as the rears, since rear sound effects are more directional, whereas side surrounds are more omnidirectional.
  21. ---------------- On 2/24/2004 12:56:48 AM bchild311 wrote: I'd love to see some images of some nice cherry or mahogany finishes in the reference series. Anyone? ---------------- Dammit...if I had a digital camera I could make your wildest dreams come true. No not THAT. Cherry RF-7's I meant.
  22. Yeah...only iwillwalk seems to have disappeared and left the rest of us in our mindless banter.
  23. Freezing in Vermont said it. Most 2WD offroaders use anti-slip differentials or full lockers, such as the Detroit Locker, to accomplish the same thing as the 4x4ers. Just remember, if you're wheelin' in sand you want wider tires so as to "float," as opposed to snow where thinner tires would provide more "bite" to keep you going. Oh hell, just throw some BFG mud terrains as they have road manners and are awesome all around offroad/onroad tires. I used to have the Interco Boggers and their massive lugs sounded like a damn train on the road...drowned out my entire sound sytem. I would stear clear off all super swamper tires unless you do some serious offroading, or don't mind paying for a new set every 20K miles.
  24. I think the 777ES would be very good and serve your purposes perfectly. It will provide the WAF with a single hold-all, be-all unit. And as far as I can say with my 333ES 400CD changer, the sound quality is just as good as high quality (though not boutique) single CD players. "Compromise" isn't even the word...because I truly believe the Sony ES line mega changers are built superbly and produce very clean sound, providing the signal throughout the equipment chain is good too. And just taking a gander's eye at your gear, "good" doesn't even describe how outstanding your HT gear is. You? Pseudo audiophile? Nah!!!
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