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  1. Thank you. Yes it is a joy. I'm lucky to have a small space where I can do this without disturbing the rest of the house. Have been doing it for quite a few years.
  2. Be sure to leave the leads as long as possible when you install to make it easier to remove them.......
  3. The biggest container you can wrangle......at least 5 gallons.
  4. Very dependent on the actual variety. Grocery store jalapenos could come from anywhere, you never know. And, they are picked very early which is not great for heat or flavor development. Peppers do pretty well in containers, so go to a good nursery and pick out a couple of nice plants.
  5. yes Make sure all of your settings within Spotify are where they should be.
  6. Too late for seeds, go out and look for some already started plants.
  7. If you don't have them already, heat mats are the secret to successful germination. Exotic peppers are notorious for low germination rates, and I found that this year as well. All of these seeds were put in March 22. First sprouts March 27.
  8. Coming soon.....late August/Sept.
  9. Everything is inarguable to you. Excellent High quality receivers can be just as good as any other component.
  10. jimjimbo

    What I Got Today!

    Dr. Frankenstein would be proud......
  11. Need at least one pair of the above. Must test strong. Please PM me, thanks. I have lots of tubes to trade, or outright purchase.
  12. Glass tops would be a wise and modest investment. Not sure how deep the scratches are, but you could try a "Tibet Almond Stick". https://www.amazon.com/Tibet-Almond-Stick-Scratch-Products/dp/B0006ZN9OS
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