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  1. If you feel the urge to install some old original Klipsch "oil cans", let me know the values and if I have them I will test and then send them to you for the cost of shipping.
  2. I would recommend that you post a few more times so that folks can send you PMs.
  3. But isn't what this is all about? No one can say what someone else hears, only what their own experience is and whether that is an improvement or degradation.
  4. But it could also affect it in a positive manner. Unfortunately, a good bit of discussion within this subject is now strictly verboten, because the mere mention of the many other suppliers of parts or services has become "tiring". Seems to me that this "policy" greatly diminishes the potential for constructive conversation.
  5. Don't know where this "real world pricing" comes from, but that's certainly not.....Yes, there are dependencies on condition and location, but if everything is in good shape, you should be looking at $3500 to $5000.
  6. The popcorn is already stale… too late, you missed it…
  7. I can tell you that the badges are actually quite desirable, as they are called the "Laser Badges". The paper labels on these older speakers commonly fade quite badly. If you plan on keeping them, I would highly recommend updating the crossovers with either Crites crossovers/kits, or Jantzen or Dayton Precision Audio from Parts Express, or I would be happy to update them for you. Not sure that the woofers are performing as they should since they are aftermarket, and not matched to the crossovers. Crites also has the correct woofers for these.
  8. The K42 woofers installed in these are outstanding, and alone would command 1/3 of the price of the entire speaker pair.
  9. So I guess the thread crapping and word police are up early today. Thanks!
  10. I don't think you are far off in your pricing as they look to be in much better condition than you normally see these. Excellent posting with all of the photos. Duratex coating is not applicable to these speakers. You may want to post these on USAUDIOMART (free) https://www.usaudiomart.com/
  11. Yes, meaning, without speakers connected...... Beautiful.
  12. Nothing overly exotic, just good quality, fully tested on my TV7 and in circuit. Pairs and singles. Can ship several for $5-10. All guaranteed. Serious only, please PM me.
  13. K33E and both K43 pairs available Sunday bump
  14. You can get the thin gasket tape at parts express. Do not use silicone.
  15. try the SearchTempest search engine. Look at USAudiomart, FB Marketplace, AudioKarma (subscription, but worth it.) Lots and lots of Klipsch FB groups.
  16. Yes, change your budget expectations higher. The market has changed significantly in the last 3 to 4 years. Broaden your search, and use Uship.
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