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  1. A Clockwork Orange... soundtrack compossed by Walter/Wendy Carlos... the same person!
  2. Schu

    What I Got Today!

    that's okay, you can fix that hog with this: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ I got a couple handfuls of these six packs!
  3. Schu

    What I Got Today!

    I tried to start a "What did I buy today" thread months ago... let's try this again Le Noise on LP came in today
  4. I can get a whole Empire Turntable WITH ARM for about half that price.
  5. Happy St. Pattys... I've already cooked two briskets this week!
  6. I've used that technique to rescue myself from the side of the road with a blown fuse in my motorcycle. worked like a charm
  7. unfortunately, you are probably screwed. I am not saying the buyer is not telling the truth, but this can pan out in a few ways that are scam based. they can send it back to you with legitimate damage(no scam)... they can send it back to you with a different identical unit in place of the one you sent... they ca send it back to you with a completely different unit in place of the one you sent... if any of those happen, take pictures. perhaps the unit was damaged in transit??? I hope you had Insurance as it's always the shippers responsibility even if the buyer does not want to pay for that extra insurance. Modern eBay is almost always going to find in favor of the buyer. one good thing is if you escalate the case, the buyer has a limited amount of time in which to respond and take corrective actions(shipping back to you)
  8. http://www.ebay.com/itm/JBL-Ranger-Paragon-D44000-Stereo-Speaker-James-B-Lansing-/160758173290?pt=Vintage_Electronics_R2&hash=item256def0e6a
  9. I think he has a set of home made La Scalas for sale right now does he not?
  10. I to am puzzled slightly. I am still fairly new to all this even though I have owned many many klipsch hornloadeds in my lifetime. I want to step up form an integrated amp to monoblocks, and I know bryston is a good choice for the price. sure I will never be able to use 200-300 watts, but I want a black floor and CLEAN signal. currently, my emotiva pre amp is just not matched with my Pioneer SC35, the input signal is just to powerful and I feel the signal is being degraded when turned up to higher levels of listening. I have scouted ebay and other places for tube amps, but I dont much about them and I am trying to learn as I go. there seems to be some good choices for about the same price as the brystons... or for less money. I would consider the VRD's for sale currently in the garage section, but I am concerned about biasing... there is also a nice conrad johnson for sale that has on the fly biasing, but on both I would need to spend a little bit more money than the brystons. currently I have a verbal agreement for two 7b monoblocks for about 2500 shipped... if I would find a tube amp for about that price shipped I might consider it.
  11. I haven't tried that many different units before... but I am reasonably happy with my Emotiva USP. I think it's doing a fairly good job so far and I don't think I will be changing to another unit very soon
  12. I might pull the trigger on a pair of monoblock brystons... have any of you tried them with heritage speakers? no doubt about it, I am more of a solid state guy for the time being.
  13. I've done the same thing this year OP... I had 4 cornwalls and a pair of Heresys and I slimmed down to one pair of CW's. the only thing I want to add this year is a Bryston amp or a pair of monos. Simple is betta
  14. I use a hot rodded Rega P5 I got for a few hundred dollars more than your max buy in OP. I am sure you could find a OEM P5 for just about 1k$ because the new P6 has just been released... if not, a P3/24 is within your price range. make sure to budget for cartridge... 325-425$ the only thing I am missing is the ability to play 78's... I think I might get a Lenco Soon for that duty.
  15. Padron... my personal fav. but life is to short to smoke just one type cigar.
  16. the plastic mounting face plate on the 64 and direct mounted speakers to the wood face on the 64ii
  17. Reference ones... Image ones... what is the difference between them besides coloration? the specs look similar, are the drivers and materials the same ?
  18. I'm a 2nd hand shopper, so I'd be buying used for sure. I just can not seem to find any II's out there right now.
  19. never have I seen such beauty!!!
  20. thanks for the responses. My only experience with LS is in reading the spec's... I know I do love my CW now. would folks recomend the vintage belle over the current LSII's for two channel?
  21. I find myself in the position to, maybe, buy another set of speakers... I am considering La Scala II's. my question is, why do these not deliver the performance down low like my Cornwalls do?
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