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  1. I have not... I try not to go into GC to often, and when I do it's for kicks and giggles. you know how it is in the acoustic room, most folks are a little shy when the wodner in there... I go in and look for the cheapest piece of junk i can find that stays in tune, then I play that little guitar as hard and with as much project as I possible can. it always go quite after that..lol
  2. I got lucky and found a set of Walnut CW's on CL yesterday... can you guys tell me what the differences between these two cornwalls(my first set and the new set) are and why and when(chronology) klipsch might have made the changes.I realize some of it is simply cosmetic, but I see motorboard differences and k33 differences. sonically they are slightly different also. why the change in badges?
  3. wow... nice thread. I've been playing seriously since I was ten years old, about 39 years now. I started out playing classical for more than a decade, then I moved to thick hollow bodies for amp music(es335's and stuff like that), I don't play any amplified music any longer, just Acoustics... I am a bit of a Martin Guitar nut having bought and sold so many martins I can barely keep track. My next purchase would be a froggy bottom acoustic h body or if I did ever get another electric it would be a Danny Gatton Telecaster in gold, but for now I am happy.
  4. 1100 is MORE than fair. I sold perfect klf 10's for 200... 20's are maybe 400 max... c7... another 300 max. 900-1000 should be your offer in my eyes. if you want to sweeten the deal by 50 here or 50 there, that's up to you. $1100 max.
  5. open them up and take a look... I doubt any damage was done, cross over is mounted away from the terminals, and the horns are fairly stout... but anything is possible. it's just a couple handfuls of screws. look for anything loose.
  6. is there a question in there somewhere?
  7. yeap... saw that. there is also a BW for sale out here for about 175.. probably a smokin deal I know. maybe get both
  8. Build one! I'd be loved ot try... but if I could find one used for sale(like the one that was for sale in the garage section for $400) I would rather go that way. price was right and the size and set up was perfect... it just happened to be located on the other side of the usa
  9. +3 on remembering the Step Up requirement. I should have mentioned that
  10. thanks... I buy used mainly, which seems to be palatable in terms of pricing for a BW... 250-400max. I've seen planety of units in that price range, some on the bay some on craigslist. I listen to my music loud, and my room(roughly 20x25) is not sealed but opens to the rest of the house.I would like a ultra low freq, but that is not going ot happen anytime soon in that price range unless I find someones used folded horn. I would like to think I could get down to somewhere around 20hz
  11. I have been looking around for a musical subwoofer... TIGHT and low. what are folks opinions on B&W subwoofers? they seem to be fairly reasonably priced and specs and reviews are in the ball park. Opinions?
  12. I was A-B'ing sacd and cd versions of the same songs this past weekend... while the difference is not night and day... the difference is substantial to be sure. SACD is so much more defined and separated at the same time having more presence.
  13. That room looks tiny... I bet they really blow your hair back!
  14. I'll give you 26 bucks for it!
  15. are you simpley talking about a timing issue, or is it a completely different sound coming out when compared to the images?
  16. wow... very awesome, thanks fro shooting that for me. I really appreciate it. like I said this was my first thorens so I dont know anything. I contacted the seller and showed him the videos and he agreed that is not correct... at least he's taking the merch back. thanks for all the help!!!!
  17. thanks... that was my understanding also. this is my first phono in decades. that beign said, I got it working. second opinions please... does this pulley assembly look bad to anyone or is it normal for thorens? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZD-5HsdkoJE
  18. I just received a Thorens 145 turntable, and tried to hook it up to my Integrated reciever through the Phono input... I can not seem to get any sound out of it. do I still need a preamp or phono stage if my receiver has a phono input? I dont want to bust the bank here, but those phono stages can be very expensive indeed... help!!!
  19. I think I will try and re raster process the bad cd's and see if that might help... otherwise I am goingot have to source Vinyl. digital... the great salvation. [] Regardless of the size of the files, if segments have noise, the data is bad, and things are painful to listen to. A proper rip compressed to a tiny MP3 maybe 5 MB in size will be flawless in comparison. My wife is the family ripper, and about 500 cds into our library we started to notice some noises on our incredibly resolving factory car speakers while driving on the freeway, its not a subtle thing. Everything had to be reripped with smarter ripping software, LAME or EAC Exact Audio Copy, something like that. For lots of discussion visit http://www.hydrogenaudio.org/forums/index.php Everything on a central media server is wonderful, once you iron out the details. We currently have 4 TB and use a bit less than half, mostly due to movies.
  20. I know... it sucks. the idea of a centralized location, or cloud, from which you can draw your music library's a good one. It's funny because I use my PS3 for some storage and I rip at the top setting. My album files are from 700-900mb each.
  21. I dont think that is going to happen. I use a pair of heresys (set inside) with cornwalls because I want to generate a wall of sound as opposed to distinctive right and left channels, but the heresys dont "improve" the sound quality of the cornwalls in my humble O
  22. one additional question for those much more experienced than I... does playing this material put my speakers at risk?
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