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  1. Speaking of which. Hit up my usual store today. Owner said he had something for me. Reached behind the counter and pulled out a VanWinkle 12 year. Score!
  2. Believe it or not I'm not a huge tequila fan.
  3. CECAA850


    Gonna check my stash tonight.
  4. CECAA850


    Well I should have a little extra audio money after Sunday........
  5. CECAA850


    Beautiful and desirable.
  6. CECAA850


    And no pesky noisy cooling fans.
  7. CECAA850


    Stupid question alert. Where are the inputs?
  8. CECAA850


    @Pete H Fantastic amp. Glwys.
  9. Let him go! He's fun to watch. Its like audio ADHD.
  10. Dang, has it been that long ago???
  11. Will need to call the local FedEx. $25 sounds dirt cheap to pack and be responsible.
  12. CECAA850


    You're sweet and have a big heart.
  13. When I was moderator I had unlimited picture storage. It would take forever to delete enough pictures to get under the limit. If someone is truly interested I'll get the pictures to them. I've done that already to the first person who contacted me.
  14. Well he's second in line if I ultimately ship.
  15. Extremely low hours and presents as new. Walnut plinth. Pics can be texted or e mailed as I'm over my pic limit here. Pick up only, no shipping. Located in South East TX east of Houston. $700.00.
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