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  1. This one was done fairly recently, jogging my memory enough so that it was easy... Blinded By the Light--Mannfred Mann and Springsteen Another easy classic: Yeah, you got, satin shoes Yeah, you got, plastic boots
  2. I don't know for sure, but it is definitely a good start.
  3. Regarding the members here being cheap-skates comment makes me wonder if that is a psychological factor of forums such as this one. There is a marque specific car forum that i subscribe to that seems to agree that people who own the things are also frugal. Perhaps it is not the owners as a group, but the ones who frequent the forums as a group? In other words, the true fanatics of the product as opposed to the ones with a month's supply of underwear? Anyway, Dr.Fish, go for them, I would. Use whatever strategy you feel comfortable with, and yes, these will probably go for around 3g's+/-.
  4. I was "sketched out" by this too, especially combined with the western culture references. My first (paranoid) thought was "Crap! I hope my firewall and virus protection is working for me. Then I changed back to the Klipsch site.
  5. Jay it is a slippery slope towards invalidating not only civil rights but the entire constitution when using the logic that "the reason xxx is now out-dated." George did come back and burned the White House down if I recall history correctly. Bearing arms is a right, but I would also agree that "well regulated" can and probably should mean at least a modicum of responsibility.
  6. Unknown Soldier--The Doors I feel her gently sighing as the evening slips away. If only you knew what's inside of me now You wouldn't want to know me somehow
  7. I'm painting my room in a colorful way, and when my mind is wandering there I will go
  8. Does'nt Starker look like Dieter's (Mike Myer's Sprockets) older brother?
  9. See the people standing there who disagree and never win And wonder why they don't get in my door -------------------------------------------------------------------- 800 posts baby cakes
  10. I just want to celebrate, another day of livin'--Rare Earth?
  11. I've been waiting for here for so long And all this time has passed me by It does'nt seem to matter now You stand there with your fixed expression
  12. She's "A Woman in Love"(it's not me)--Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers Bless her heart......
  13. For a center channel you should not worry about it. Any effect will not be a problem. the only thing to make sure of is that there is no magnetic interference with the video.
  14. Yeah, I definitely missed something! But at least I was on the wrong track....
  15. OK, so she took her ball and went home. Someone post a new challenge?
  16. Now now. It doesn't work that way. Plus, most of us had have challenges that last for days. It just takes the right person to check in and know it. After a while, feel free to drop hints.
  17. Great work! I will be poring over the details to learn how to do something similar when I get the chance. You are an inspiration.
  18. I would buy them but I won't ship them. See the thread about the mint Forte II's out of circulation. If you are driving down I-35 to the Dallas-Ft.Worth area bring'em with you!
  19. You don't need to but you will be glad you did....
  20. And yes, "gates of delirium" fits the bill for this thread. After all, 'buddy got it right away. At any rate, give it time Meagain, I bet someone will know it.
  21. If you are talking about Fugazi, then he not only has seen the name, but worn it on a jacket, and listened to the music. Or did I miss something?
  22. Meagain forgets that this thread is about "classic rock" so us old farts can play. Instead she posts a challenge that my 19 year old would probably get. ______________________________________________ The California sun has sunk behind the Anaheim hills here comes the night I was high on junk, but the beach sand is warm and I'm feeling alright
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