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  1. The Graduate Forbidden Planet Enter the Dragon Dr Zhivago are a few worthies yet to be mentioned.
  2. I read the book, so I will not be going to the movie. The book is not a bad read, though not great like Ludlum can be, and it also ends in that disappointing way Jeff reported. You are left with a "so what?" kind of feeling. It was probably designed with a sequel in mind, yet with nothing in mind for the sequel. "Digital Fortress" by the same author is an even more disappointing read. Stick with the big guns for thrillers.
  3. Agree. Also Nobody's Fault But Mine, with it's awesome drum beat, an innovative application of a snare drumming rudiment to the drum set.
  4. That is why untrained personnel are forbidden to touch my lps.
  5. Thebes, try Fourth World Vol.1--Possible Musics, by Jon Hassell/Brian Eno.
  6. Ahh, the Ginger or MaryAnn debate....
  7. Yeah but they are so tame compared to Raider's fans.... I can't get enough of the playoffs because when it's over it seems like forever before the next season. Even though it is less of a break than most sports get.
  8. Gowdy was great to listen to. For radio sports, the Dallas Stars team of Rayzor and Strangis are really good, they do radio and the same broadcast is for television, the best of both worlds. I remember listening to some old guy in the sixties on radio calling the Tacoma Cubs games after bedtime. He was great, but now I can't remember his name.
  9. Of course it does depend on the church it was used in.....
  10. And after that, walk on the rice paper without leaving a trace. Then you will have learned....
  11. Chorus goes pretty low, 38hz IIRC, so I am not sure what you mean by missing up to 50hz. The Forte goes lower but is not as "big" in soundstage. Are you sure you have them placed correctly, as in about a foot or so from the wall, in the corners, and toed in for proper imaging? $450 is a great deal for sure. Most music is between 40hz and up, but maybe you are not listening to music?
  12. The Academy was not designed for the Chorus 1, it was designed for the Chorus II. Your impressions may be different when hearing it paired correctly. Good luck with your search, I will send any info your way that I might find.
  13. This week I recommend Crosswinds by drumming god Billy Cobham (LP). 70's jazz fusion, with horns provided by the Brecker brothers. There is a track called "storm," a drum solo which is more accurately described as a percussive tone poem.
  14. I was fortunate enough to see a game there before the modifications. It was a great experience. The Ballpark in Arlington was better before they screwed around with a few things, too, and now has the indignity of being called Ameriquest Field, despite assurances to the taxpayers made to the contrary. At least Fenway is still just Fenway (I hope?).
  15. I was amazed at how Airto's stick on cymbal sound live was so much like that from the recordings when I listened to the vinyl through my Forte II's. I think accurate is musical. Colter makes some good points about baseline knowledge. if you have not heard a lot of live music and/or been there doing that you might not know what instruments sound like. Many seem to think that electric bass should sound more defined than acoustic, at least at the attack phase of the note, but all of my experience suggests otherwise.
  16. M.E.262: Two minutes/fighting, Five minute major, instigation. Dale W: Two minutes/fighting, misconduct, retaliation.
  17. I can hear Butthead already: "Huh-huh, huh-huh; Tool!"
  18. I don't think it is illegal until you are asked to stop filming(we have the right to refuse service blah blah blah). Some things similar are illegal however, because there are laws or federal regulations regarding a federally regulated situation. At BB, this is clearly not the case. One unfortunate outcome that I see possible is more ridiculous uniforms instead of something so easy to fake (flash to Fast Times at Ridgemont High). While having no sympathy for the managers of the big box in general, in these times think about how much funnier it would be if the participants were all of middle eastern extraction? Wouldn't you freak out if it seemed as if a store full of potential suicide bombers were posted at every aisle?
  19. Good article. I haven't even picked up a paper to read an analysis of the Stars. Their demise was similar. No key saves in goal, lackluster effort until too late, and giving up late period goals when they had the game won. Someone needs to step up on these teams.
  20. I'll start with Brian Eno--Music for Airports. LP, maybe CD. This is ambient music designed to be almost subliminal. Only once have I heard it in an airport, and it was perfect--very soothing. Designed to be played at any speed you desire, I usually play it as slowly as my TT will allow.
  21. JB, your flyers are playing like they forgot everything Hitchcock taught them....More like Alfred than Ken. My condolences, may the Sabres die a peasant's death.
  22. You always pictured that type of bustle.....must be an expert on ladies undergarments, I tip my hat. So why would it be in the hedgerow? Of course! It's just a spring clean for the May queen...... ___________________ It's ok, there's still time for me to change the road i'm on.
  23. Puberty Love from Attack of the Killer Tomatos
  24. First of all: Bustle(n):excited activity, noisy stir, fuss. But we know it's not a bustle exactly, but just the sound of the whispering wind..... Lots of us have chimed in with Stairway to Heaven, and I agree if it is not through my Forte II's with my Japanese pressing lp. But at home, listening closely, I still admire the tune despite all the overplay.
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