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  1. This song is from a release which included a disco parody. (Hint III). Someone please get this before hint XL!
  2. You may be close to describing Waikiki, but Honolulu has been around a lot longer and if you ask me is a different city than Waikiki, which was developed for tourists from the word go. I saw the Vandals a couple of years ago at a nice small venue, and it was hardly mediocre. My point is that it is wrong to confuse the small bit that is Waikiki with the rest of Honolulu. As for poi, well it makes wheat paste glue sound good.
  3. Hint II: The artist was a passionate patriot defending free speech, putting Tipper Gore in her place.
  4. This might sound stupid but all I know for sure is that it is Arkansas Oak. I would guess that it is not red oak, just by looking at my Forte IIs, but it is hard to tell. You could ask Klipsch directly.
  5. Lived there for about 3 years in Honolulu. visited the other Islands once or twice. There is something for just about everyone, depends on what you want, and how much time you have.
  6. Jeff -- are you tallying up the songs ? Tally all this? Good luck! I guess there's more to music than a bunch of pretty women! [] Now, what's the current challenge? See page 95. Hint--more of the same-- "Sweet as honey He's a piece of cake From the ginseng root and the stuff he take From vitamin E And all the B's He's so cool he'll make you freeze"
  7. I thought twilight zone was scarier back then, but there was something intrinsically freaky about losing control of that television set.
  8. Jeff it is or was a very good example of a dry Riesling. I can't say how one that old would taste, they are usually consumed younger.
  9. Just an excuse for the league to entertain the clients in Hawaii.
  10. Everybody See his hair See his clothes I'm sure you care Terry Ted Is really sweet Watch the way he keep the beat
  11. Well, the constitution is the latter document, and the one that defines the USA. Property rights are the cornerstone of wealth creation around the world, without which there is no investment or in other words, long term commitment.
  12. You will probably get loads of replies on this one. In my dream system I would go for the projection with sunfire separates. Of course these run cool so if you want supplementary heat being in Canada you might want something else. Naturally with the move you will want to upgrade your speakers too. The options are staggering........
  13. "Land is the only thing worth fighting for, worth dying for!" Gone with the Wind.
  14. The Stones at the Cotton Bowl in 1982? I think. I was there for the Sunday show. It was definitely an event, and I still have memories of it. I might have a chance to go to this, Seadog, if you see me there, I will be the guy without a gun.
  15. I have considered the heresies, but for the same price the low end of the quartets seemed to make them a better deal. I bought a pair of heresies for my father in law before, but the seller screwed up the shipping and I ended up getting my money back. I refurbished my 1980 mission 700s (the ones with the 8 inch woofers) and gave those to him. Now I have no speakers to refurb, so I am looking for quartets. I just don't think that the heresies will be what I want for dear ole dad.
  16. Thanks Bill, I have seen those, and if you look at the pics closely you have to wonder what grade of sandpaper (not microfiber) that was used on these. The initial bid of 450 is ridiculous to me. There are a few on ebay right now with what are Forte II beginning bid prices and as you have pointed out, these are the only ones close to me. When did someone decide that these speakers needed an explosion in price? No previous auctions confirm this! Even if it is my own father, I will not succomb to this.
  17. Glad you caught that Jay. It is funny, and priceless. Why are there no drive-by's in Texas?
  18. My niece was born premature almost a year ago, still gets sick too easily. Your daughter is in my prayers.
  19. I am still looking for a nice pair of quartets for my dad. He turns 70 this month and I want to give him decent sound. Thanks. As I stated before, shipping is a problem, I would rather drive and pick them up within a roughly 600 mile radius from north central texas.
  20. "Rev To The Redline" RTTR---In an Alfa, the redline is just a reminder of where the engine is at that point. The question is always "How does it feel past the redline." Of course in todays cars the gov kicks in and damn! You are suddenly losing acceleration.
  21. Hey Jeff! Been there done that. My former next door neighbor is a soprano and we heard her warming up all the time. Every now and then, I would crank up the tunes, and during a soft passage would hear the phone ring. "Please turn it down." I would say come on over it's like a concert the sound is great. She would reply, "we can hear it just fine from here." As you know, in Texas everyone assumes everyone else has a gun, so confrontations are minimal. We are still great friends even though they moved away several years ago out of the country (Texas). The distance between our houses is around forty feet and expands at an angle. In college we would crank up the stereo and open the room door so we could hear it when we took showers way down the hall, no one complained because everyone did it. Rock on Sigma Chi!
  22. Great stuff holiday! Kudos also to sunnysal, I have saved those for reference.
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