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  1. My niece was born premature almost a year ago, still gets sick too easily. Your daughter is in my prayers.
  2. I am still looking for a nice pair of quartets for my dad. He turns 70 this month and I want to give him decent sound. Thanks. As I stated before, shipping is a problem, I would rather drive and pick them up within a roughly 600 mile radius from north central texas.
  3. "Rev To The Redline" RTTR---In an Alfa, the redline is just a reminder of where the engine is at that point. The question is always "How does it feel past the redline." Of course in todays cars the gov kicks in and damn! You are suddenly losing acceleration.
  4. Hey Jeff! Been there done that. My former next door neighbor is a soprano and we heard her warming up all the time. Every now and then, I would crank up the tunes, and during a soft passage would hear the phone ring. "Please turn it down." I would say come on over it's like a concert the sound is great. She would reply, "we can hear it just fine from here." As you know, in Texas everyone assumes everyone else has a gun, so confrontations are minimal. We are still great friends even though they moved away several years ago out of the country (Texas). The distance between our houses is around forty feet and expands at an angle. In college we would crank up the stereo and open the room door so we could hear it when we took showers way down the hall, no one complained because everyone did it. Rock on Sigma Chi!
  5. Great stuff holiday! Kudos also to sunnysal, I have saved those for reference.
  6. Actually I still watch cartoons, as long as they have good moral content like this one:
  7. Watched a lot of cartoons as a kid, this one is fairly obscure:
  8. Agreed, Colin. Just be sure to keep your transaction costs extremely low, since the simple concept is that most managers do not out perform their benchmark index, in part due to transaction costs. If you wish to beat an index, and you are sure of the markets direction, simply leverage the index accordingly. ___________________________________________________________________ Bulls and bears make money, pigs get slaughtered at the trough. I'd rather be lucky than smart?
  9. b/d=absolute zero-----if you never open it!
  10. Finally a story about a Texas jury making sense instead of the nationally publicized aberrant awards.
  11. don't forget your Mad Dog 20/20 Mmmmm.....mmmmmmmm! A Cheap Wine Tutorial Wine Percent Alcohol Fair Price* Most Alcohol for the Money Ranking 1. Boone's Snow Berry Creek 5 % $2.69 11 2. Boone's Strawberry Hill 7.5 % $2.69 10 3. MD 20/20 Pink Grapefruit 13.5 % $2.99 7 4. MD 20/20 Wild Berry 13.5 % $2.99 7 5. MD 20/20 Red Grape Wine 18 % $2.99 3 6. MD 20/20 Lightning Creek 17 % $2.99 6 7. Thunderbird 18 % $2.69 1 8. MD 20/20 Hawaiian Blue 7.5 % $2.99 7 9. Wild Irish Rose Wine 18 % $2.99 3 10. Night Train 18 % $2.69 1 11. Wild Irish Rose White Label 12. Kirkland Chateauneuf du Pape 18 % 12% $2.99 $19.99 3 Dead Last Most alcohol for the money? Dude, it is called "Buzz per dollar!", or BPD for short.
  12. Anyone read "A Random Walk Down Wall Street" around here? There are great examples of coin flip charts that would get technical analysts drooling....
  13. I don't know anything about Kirkland, but if the label says "appellation controlee" along with "produit de france" then it has to be the real deal. It might be the worst Chateauneuf you have ever had, but it has to be from there. $18 is not that far off from the low 20's to low 30's that you should expect from average examples from the region.
  14. "Also see if there's a classical music FM station in your area, usually public radio or a college or university station, and give it a try" In my town the university station is all jazz, with an hour or two of classical in a week, oh yeah! KNTU, the one for jazz!
  15. Pretty funny stuff! He is actually a nice guy too, and gave a demonstration at my junior high school back before he was that famous.
  16. Great recommendations all. If you want to stretch the definition some, and since you are a classic rocker anyway, check out various recordings by synth master Tomita. He has done several takes of different "popular" works and they are fantastic (such as Pictures at an Exhibition and The Planets). Listen late when there is quiet all around.
  17. You could start with Pictures at an exhibition, but my personal favorites run to Tchaikovsky. Many of the percussion parts are standard audition material. Try his Fourth, it has blasting horns as well as great percussion. He was a master of orchestration, the music is accessible and just plain fun to crank. You might also be familiar with his 1812 Overture?
  18. Pulled the trigger. This guy also has some other items of interest in dvd-audio such as Billy Cobham's Spectrum, and Yes Fragile.
  19. Wouldn't swinging from a vine make you more of an ape man?
  20. Jeff, go to the link. It describes what video is on it. Not a whole concert but some anyway.
  21. The good old blue laws. They still exist for alcohol. I was and I wasn't looking just for vinyl. Any way to get it back in my collection is welcome for now. Thanks.
  22. I agree with Jeff that the music is why you spin it. So now refresh my memory since I have no dvd audio. Will it play on a dvd player or am I out of luck (meaning out of equipment). Never mind. Went to the link and it answered that question.
  23. Thanks Jeff. back in our youth when we made tapes and shared them with friends, was it piracy? I have seen web sites still devoted to this. Just wondering. I will probably get the cd and continue my search for the elusive vinyl.
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