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  1. Wow thanks for all the info Collin! I have been checking several online forums and the opinions are all over the place and of course opinions vary from review to review. I found mostly favorable reviews of the sophia meshplates and a couple of the toobs you mentioned as well. I just need a pair of each for my own review so send me your spare 300b's lol.... I guess in the end trust your own ears. thanks seti
  2. I was just @ http://www.sophiaelectric.com/ and noticed they had a new 300B meshplate. I have read many favorable reviews of their other 300b tubes and was curious if any forum members here had heard these tubes and if so how do they feel they stack up against other 300b tubes. I've only heard some sovteks and the JJ's which I currently own. The western electrics always get good reviews but the $800 a pair price tag seems abit high. I tend to trust the end user rather than the reviewer but thats just me and so far I have been steered in the right direction.
  3. ---------------- On 11/27/2004 7:29:24 PM middlecreekguy wrote: Just do a lot of research and choose wisely. ---------------- Hey and if you don't choose wisely just post it and sell it and buy again
  4. ---------------- On 11/26/2004 8:18:23 PM Erik Mandaville wrote: I can relate to that very well, Seti! BTW: I like the quote from PWK in your signature block. Believe it or not, even a single very good quality watt has been satisfying with the big Klipschorns! ---------------- Thanks I haven't gone lower than 8wpc but I would love to hear it on my system. After I get my next two purchases out of the way I would like to have buy a couple more amps perhaps a 2a3 amp and I'd also like some vintage quad II pp monoblocks. I listened to all kinds of music last night never got tired of listening and I'm so hyper that doesn't happen often lol. I listened to alot of Peter Gabriel forgot how much I liked Passion and T'Rex was just sounding too good.
  5. As long as you go with a good tube amp you can't go wrong. Shop around on audiogon.com buy and trade till you get what you like best. I don't have a decent hi fi shop so that is what I do. just a couple examples welbourne labs drd 300b http://cls.audiogon.com/cgi-bin/cls.pl?ampstube&1106691519 Fi x amp 2A3 Troide tube amp http://cls.audiogon.com/cgi-bin/cls.pl?intatube&1106050134 I've always thought the Fi looked to dam cool Mcintosh MC 240 http://cls.audiogon.com/cgi-bin/cls.pl?ampstube&1106504126 i've always wanted some vintage mac gear http://cls.audiogon.com/cgi-bin/cls.pl?ampstube&1106252314 http://www.wright-sound.com/products www.bottlehead.com www.decware.com good luck have fun
  6. That is too cool. I felt like an idiot trying to find a cricket in my room only to find it went away when the next track starter. I listened to Hendrix for the first time today with tubes OMG I thought this is how he was meant to be heard.
  7. Thanks for the response the tuner works well and the turntable does work but not that well but still amazing since it has been in storage a while. It even has the original documentation. I suppose I won't shred it my eyes just got huge when I saw all those triode tubes LOL.... I did clean it up and put it on my dads shelf he was listening to a football game on it when I left. I am really hyper about getting a tube phono stage for my system but won't have the cash for what I want till spring...blast...I did however win an iPod perhaps I will find someone on audiogon to trade with when I get hmmm... thanks again for the replies
  8. I never really know what vintage gear is crap and whats a hidden treasure so I thought I would ask here. I was in my parents storage when I found a deco 1946 46-1203 Philco TT/Tuner in a little wooden cabinet. The first thing I thought was hey it has tubes with a phono stage wonder if it's any good? Is it worth stealing the phono stage from or is it more than likely crapola? The tube compliment is 7c7/50X6/7C6/7A8/7B7/35L6GT. I ws suprised when I plugged it in and it still worked. thanks
  9. I just rediscovered some music I had lost which included Tracy Chapman, Paul Simon Graceland, Credence Clearwater Revival, and stone roses. Speaking of turkeys remember the WKRP episode where they dropped turkeys out of a helicopter? "I swear as god as my witness I thought turkeys could fly"
  10. Just short article I found and thought I would share see attachment. Roots of High Fidelity: Paul Klipsch by Karen Ravich Hi Fi Mag 1979 hifimagpwk.pdf
  11. The volume control for my sub will be on the same preamp I will be using for my belles it has dual outputs. Will this be ok since I do not have a seperate vol to control the sub. Is there a volume control on the crossover another device on my list to buy? I could be wrong but I would have thought that using one volume control would be ideal so I don't have to raise one and then another. hmm
  12. ---------------- On 11/23/2004 1:59:55 PM Erik Mandaville wrote: If everyone now prefers tubes, why aren't tube-based amps the only kind of amplifier manufactured? ---------------- Price? The reason for switching in the beginning. I have a friend with good solid state amp with his b&w's and they sound great very very clear. Of course this sounds even better when he fires up his TT and tube based phono pre. I would own some solid state gear as well if I only had enough cash to afford all the gear I want : ( Perhaps I'll put some change buckets around town with signs that read pleas donate to help find a cure to monatarydeficiousaudiopilepsychosisadictus
  13. ---------------- I have actually done what you propose many times -- well, several times at least. I've used three different quite good SS amps with the K-horns, the best of which being one from Monarchy. Another one, a Carver, was so incredibly tube-like in its presentation that I would thought that to have been the case if I hadn't known otherwise. ---------------- Which Carver did you listen to I was considering either a Carver or NAD for my sub? I have seen the TFM 15cb or TFM 25 go for $200 and under on ebay not sure if that is enough juice though. Luckily I have two outputs on my wright pre. SUB--crossover---SSamp--preamp out I was told by the person I purchased the sub from that it should be set to go from 40-18cycles where the belles didn't reach but thats probably more to be felt than heard. I wonder if two of these would power my sub http://www.canaryaudio.com/Ref-One.htm LOL
  14. I enjoy buying tube gear from audiogon.com and trying different amps till I settle on what I want. I ended up with a 8wpc SET but thats not for everyone. What klipsch do you have? If you have a heritage series I would listen to some SET and Push Pull amps. I really can't let go of my 300b's but I also want some quad II or quad forty monoblocks. Too much gear to hear and not enough money. I have lost a couple auctions on Mesa Baron, Air Tight, Cary, and Quad gear in the past and would bid on them again as their build quality seems high. Good luck have fun~!
  15. Klipsch k-5-3 wooden horn with university sa-hf driver Any idea why they moved away from wooden horns or was this a special order ? ? ?
  16. Submitted Tweaks @ audiotweaks.com I simply had to share. I can't stop laughing audiophyliapsycosis. Coins on top of speakers http://www.audiotweaks.com/tweaks/tweak_117.htm Use plastic 35mm film containers on power cords, interconnects and speaker cable http://www.audiotweaks.com/tweaks/tweak_66.htm Painting the CD edges green, painting the CD tray and the inside of the chassis cover http://www.audiotweaks.com/tweaks/tweak_107.htm Just need sandpaper or a nail file. http://www.audiotweaks.com/tweaks/tweak_137.htm Run the demagnetizer over the CD for before each play http://www.audiotweaks.com/tweaks/tweak_188.htm Rap power and interconnect cables with tin foil http://www.audiotweaks.com/tweaks/tweak_250.htm If your Television is between your speakers, throw a blanket over it when listening to music http://www.audiotweaks.com/tweaks/tweak_276.htm CooCoo For Cocoa Puffs
  17. When I purchased my belle's the guy I bought from also had a custom made isobaric passive sub built to match that I couldn't leave behind. It was powered by a 200watt nad amp w/crossover and the belles were powered by some Cary 300b's. The sub was not at all like a ht sub in fact you couldn't tell where the bass was coming from. We listened to a couple tunes a couple times with the sub and then without the sub. The difference was subtle but I could when the sub wasn't on. It was not at all boomy which suprised me. I can't wait to get a crossover and amp for my sub. So many things to buy so little money lol....
  18. Thats just terrible.... although you could fit a minibar in there ... lol
  19. ---------------- On 11/19/2004 10:42:09 PM Daddy Dee wrote: I would love to hear the Decware tube modded CD/SACD/DVD. ---------------- I wonder if anyone has done a comparison of the Decware-685 cdp and the AH! Joeb 4000? When I replace my cdp it will probably be one of these.
  20. ---------------- On 11/20/2004 5:35:09 PM Maron Horonzak wrote: I didnt know you could get oil out of a snake. ---------------- You just have to know how to milk it got to find those teats...
  21. Being relatively new to this hobby I find the amount of high end expensive gadgetry astounding and some of it perplexing. I would like to see a fact or fiction article on all the strange audiophile gadgets! fact or fiction demag cd ? fancy ceramic risers ? power conditioners ? isolation products ? laser shield for cd players ? tube dampers ? Attenuators ? Shakti Hallograph Soundfield Optimizer ? Cable Burn in service using a CABLE COOKER ? expensive interconnects/speaker cables one you cable is shielded can you tell the difference between $200 cables and cables up to a couple grand ? Oh yeah "twins" fact or fiction picture Just to name a few I can understand isolation and tube dampeners but some of the other stuff seems like snake oil...
  22. I listen to all kinds of music and just last night I was listening to Ministry - New World Order and Just One Fix. I didn't expect this album to sound that because it was just some industrial punk rock but it must have been recorded well because it just rocked. One of the best recorded rock artist imho has to be T'Rex his recordings just seem so crisp/clear to me must have been recorded on 70's tube gear. I do find it really disappointing when I put a favorite artist on and while I love the song the recording is just so dreadful it's hard to listen to ug I hate that plus it's not like you can get them to rerecord lol.
  23. __ I think that this is a REQUIRED TWEAK (IMO) for all of the Heritage bass horns. __ I wouldn't mind trying this tweak but I am paranoid about taking my Belle's apart. Is there a step by step guide to taking belles apart?
  24. Bill Gates for all we know, could churn out a $3 million cable that I'm sure would sound no better than a $1000 one (look sexier, yes, but sound better, no), and people who could afford it would pick it up. It doesn't mean it's better. ---------------- We all know that Steve Jobs is better at sexier products Couldn't resist
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