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  1. 47 minutes ago, Got_Horns said:

    How is it non Klipsch? It's a 30+ year old Klipsch speaker....that needs restoration. fixed the OP, happy now?

    Crites modifications.  There are companies like JEM Performance Audio and forum member @Deang who are authorized by Klipsch to supply new components and new crossovers for Klipsch speakers.

    I’m just passing along information that has been posted on here by Klipsch employees who run this forum.  Lots of threads that discuss non-Klipsch modifications have been locked and I just didn’t want that to happen to you.


    No good deed goes unpunished I guess.  🤷🏻‍♂️

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  2. 53 minutes ago, Got_Horns said:

    I'm going to tear into my tangent 500s.  Should I just get new caps or crites xovers, since I'm in there? 

    What are the benefits of either?  Thanks

    The forum admins have recently decided that discussion of non-Klipsch modifications should be done on other forums like Audiokarma or AVSForum.

  3. 32 minutes ago, Fido said:

    My heart breaks for your loss. Both of my dogs are 12 and both recently developed cancer. They are my wife and my closest living things EVER. I worn for your loss! We worry about our pups every day - they are our joy! 


    The bond and love with a dog is the best!!!!!!!

    My wife and I have been married just over 20 years, no kids.  We had Pugsy just about all our life together.  It’s going to be a lot quieter here.  🥺

  4. 33 minutes ago, Mikekid said:

    I don't handle these things very well. I fall apart. Thinking of you and am so sorry. ~ Mike & Kathy

    We must be related.  I got about a half hour of sleep last night with him trying to sleep next to me.  Over the past few years he’d get sick but bounce back to his old self after a few days.  This time we knew he wasn’t going to be able to bounce back so we made the most difficult decision we’ve ever made.

    I don’t think I have any tears left in me.

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  5. My precious boy.  My precious pup.  My precious little guy.  My precious Pugsy.
    I hoped this day would never come but knew it would.  You lived to be almost 18 years old.  We went on so many adventures together.  South Dakota, cabins, lakes, camping.  I always looked forward to seeing your face in the window waiting for us to come home to see if we brought you a treat.  Watching you snuggle and fall asleep in momma’s arms.  Now you can sleep and be pain free.
    We will always love you and never forget the joy you brought into our lives.




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  6. 2 hours ago, Micklipsch said:

    Opinion on these? 1978, 9/10 condition all-original and with burgundy grilles (weren’t these rare?). Guy wants $800. 

    Pinning down pricing on H1s is weird as everyone here is reporting steals of 2-500 bucks but I’m seeing an average market of 600-1,000 depending on condition and figuring of walnut veneers. Even seeing eBay completed sales upward of $1,600. 




    From what I can see the cases look to be in nice shape.  Not perfect but definitely not beaters either.

    Personally I haven’t paid over $450 for a pair of original Heresys but the ones you’re looking at are walnut and mine have been raw birch or black.

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  7. 1 hour ago, Smitty8451 said:

    I thought of going the Cornwall IV route, but as you guessed just not enough room, my front sound stage is pretty packed and not a whole lot of room on the sides so the Forte IV’s fit just right.


    Looks awesome and I know it sounds even better.

  8. It may be just me but I’m not a fan of using a subwoofer with a smaller woofer than my mains have.  That said, Crutchfield.com has the SPL-120 on sale for $499 each.

    Or you could look for an SPL-150 that should be discounted to around $1,000 since it’s now discontinued.

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  9. I gotta admit, when I got my new receiver well over a year ago I never hooked my turntable up to it.  My previous receiver had a dedicated phono input and my new one doesn’t.

    But, my turntable has a phono/line switch to connect to a receiver even if doesn’t have a phono input.


    So, just a little bit ago I decided to connect everything up and spin a record.  I had left a Huey Lewis record in it when I removed it and am glad I finally hooked it up.  I think I’ll be listening for quite a while today.


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  10. 4 hours ago, CTYankee1977 said:

    Audiophiles!  I have tower Klipsch speakers and am having trouble with a loud electronic popping sound in the right speaker while playing my records.  It is horribly frustrating!  I have checked and tightened the connections, and the popping continues.  It’s not the records, as it will pop once more after the needle has been lifted.  Hoping someone in this forum can guide me as to what to do next - our nightly listening is in jeopardy!  Thank you so much!!

    Welcome!  You must have missed this sticky at the top of this section:





  11. 1 hour ago, x107 said:

    Very sad to share that Tom Kuisis has passed away.  He loved this forum, spent so many hours reading and sharing his knowledge, not to mention had an impressive Klipsch collection accumulated over the years to show for it.  In addition to being a good friend to me and many others, he was the one who got me and a few other nuts into this habit...  His KHorns just blew me away and I've never had an experience like that since (even now that I have my own & some pCATs both of which he helped me find!).  He was a loyal & loving guy and will be missed.  If you knew him or posted with him here, please think of him when you're cranking it up.  May he rest in peace and occasionally grace Morgantown.



    Thanks for posting.  I added this information to the thread “Fallen forum friends” for others to see.

  12. 3 hours ago, Kfarrer said:

    Just bought a pair of Heresyii speakers. I can’t believe how they fill my 25x25 room. Only one speaker has a tag with serial number. Is possible to get a replacement. My serial number seems to brake the rules. 8648105. Type only says H#_.   Inspected by Robert Wyatt. Tested Judy Clayton

    look like HBR. CABINETS ARE PLYWOOD WITH ROUND terminal plate. 
    do I have to open the cabinet to find the stamped serial number. None on the outside. Any other information you have would be great. 

    For Klipsch history my 9th grade Science teacher,Sam Brian. retired from the National Bureau Of Standards and would sneak PWK in at night to make measurements and changes to the khorns. He offered to help me build a pair but what 9th grader is smart enough to take that offer. Still kicking myself. 


    Replacement labels aren’t available.  They’re not really necessary, either.  I have 5 Heresys from the early 80s and I think only two of them have intact labels.  It’s ok, I know what they are.  😄


     Yours were made in 1986.


     They won’t have a serial number stamped inside.

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