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  1. 42 minutes ago, Abomb said:

    Hmm...interesting. I asked one of the folks at Crutchfield and she warned against it. I'm not saying that you are wrong it strange getting two completely opposite opinions. I spent most of my young adult life as a Union Glazier so I understand the makeup of the glass. I just was not sure if it would be a good or bad thing being such a hard surface. Thank you for the info. Definitely something to dig deeper into.

    Technically the harder the better when it comes to a port or passive reflection.  Are you planning on using a subwoofer?

  2. 14 minutes ago, help said:

    Something for all 6 speakers for under a thousand. I have a center and sub. So front, back, and surround speakers. Thanks

    Much better.


    The RP series bookshelf speakers can be had for $200-300/pair.  They’d work perfectly in all three places.

  3. 37 minutes ago, imeiamme said:

    Yes, I just found it. hmmm. Thanks for the heads up. I was searching for the right area for new members. Not really a technical question so much is it? It can be? Like If I said who do I talk to about making a speaker system? that could help? 



    “This section of the forums is strictly for technical questions related to these forums or other Klipsch websites.
    Please see one of the many other sections of the forums to post any other kind of topic. For specific Klipsch product assistance, visit: https://support.klipsch.com.”


    In other words, it’s for people having issues with the forum or Klipsch’s website.  There’s other sections farther down where you’ll get better exposure and answers.  👍

  4. 12 hours ago, help said:

    I am wanting to get all klipsch speakers that would sound decent but not cost a fortune 

    And that’s why I asked a budget amount. “Not cost a fortune” only means something to you and what you consider a fortune to be.  We need specifics!  🙂

  5. 3 hours ago, Motoguy said:

    As a newbie, I have no idea what stickied threads are or how to access them. When it comes to tech, I have a very slow learning curve. Actually not sure there’s any curve at all! Thanks again for info on the Belles.

    No problem.  At the top of this forum section you’ll see a thread titled “Want to know when your Klipsch speakers were made?  Click here!” and others that will give you all the technical data that you might want regarding your Belles.

  6. 8 hours ago, Jenny palmer said:

    Klipsch R-120SWi Wireless For home theater be used on a car as well?  I need to know because I want to by this one from Costco cause it’s 50 off but ends tomorrow by the end of the day. Thank you

    It’s really suited for home use.  You’d be a lot better off getting a subwoofer designed for automotive use.

  7. I had, at the exact same time, a pair of original Heresy, IIs and IIIs.  Did lots of listening to all three pairs.  Even my wife commented that the IIIs didn’t sound anywhere as good as the original or IIs.


    Thus, I have a 5 original Heresy surround setup.


    BTW, this section is for Bluetooth speakers and the like.

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  8. 1 hour ago, Pak323 said:

    Cabinets refinishing pretty much done. I hope I did not offend any of your faithful Klipsch Hersey fans by picking this color scheme.  The original raw birch plywood, even with pre-stain conditioner, still came up blotchy. However the blotchiness turned out up giving the cabinets some vintage feel.20240222_105441.thumb.jpg.df7e3b996ebae7aa433e142c6e0d0efd.jpg So far I am quite pleased with the results. Soon to reassemble and enjoy music from them 🙂

    They look great!  Nice work!

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  9. 4 hours ago, MartinACAB said:

    I have a Klipsch Cornerhorn that Paul Klipsch used as a prototype (works)  for the 1953? 54 Chicago Wolds fair with newspaper clippings and drawings signed by him.. Worder how to sell and what its worth.??.


    Also have two Cornerhorns , not sure year that must be 40 years old.. serial # LF 88104408.

    For the first one, value would be extremely difficult to pinpoint due to the rarity and provenance.  Many have donated speakers like that to the Klipsch Museum for a tax deduction.


    The second pair were made in ‘88 (first 2 numbers of the serial #).

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