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  1. Wanted to follow up on this, but with a twist.  I'm DJ'ing a dance tonight, small get together with about 75 friends.  I connected my laptop's HDMI output to my Sony receiver that can play High-Res audio files.  Through HDMI the laptop synced up to my receiver and is able to play 24 bit/192kHz High-Res audio.  I downloaded all the music I'm going to play through Amazon Music in the highest quality format available.  I did a test run last night and everything is working great and sounds awesome.


    BTW, I'll be using my best friend's KLF-30s for the dance.  He bought them a little over 10 years ago for $500.  They've seen a little wear on the cabinets but still sound awesome.  I'm really looking forward to cranking up the volume at the dance.

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  2. 1 hour ago, Junkman said:

    I wonder if anyone has had any experience with these. I'm thinking about a pair but I see things like "La Scalas are fast" and "the REL Classics run a little slower". I really don't know much about pairing subs with these speakers. Any advice? There is no showroom to listen or have a test near me. Thanks. 

    Welcome to the forum.  I’m not sure why so many new members post in this section, as you can see by its description it’s for technical questions relating to the forum itself such as having trouble logging in, etc.

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  3. They definitely have the “cool” factor going considering their age and what looks to be excellent condition.  1200 euros is about $1,300US.  It would depend on how badly you wanted them.  Personally I wouldn’t pay anywhere near that.  I’ve paid less than half that for much newer Heresys.

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  4. 7 hours ago, luca78 said:

    hello based on the serial number, what can you tell me about these h-700s?

    do they have alnico magnets?

    what price could they have?

    thank you.



    Unfortunately based solely on a photo of a sticker it’s impossible to tell what’s inside a speaker (could be an empty cabinet for all we know), and the same goes for estimating the value.

  5. 10 hours ago, Jerminator32075 said:

    New to the thread. I have 2 synergy sub 12’s and one will not auto turn on.  Is there a fix for this or can someone please help guide me in the direction I need to go?  I really appreciate it.  Thank you!  

    If it works with the power switch set to “On” then just set it to that.

  6. 7 hours ago, JimL said:

    I purchased a pair of Heresy speakers a couple years ago and would like to know more about them, year built, version, etc, I've looked other sites to check serial numbers, but mine do not seem to make any sense. I get messages the number do not correspond to known sequence. I have good tags on my speakers that show type and serial number along with inspector signatures, as well as the handwritten serial number, so do not understand how the numbers could be incorrect.


    I've attached photos of both tags. hope you can help me.


    PS: I don't see attached photos. Here are the serial numbers 8508682 & 655781.  Could that second 5 be an S in last number?



  7. There’s an awesome video on YouTube where a guy runs 1 watt through a pair of speakers that are 87dB sensitivity.  Most people have no idea how loud that is through a regular speaker, much less a highly sensitive speaker like most Klipsch are.



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  8. 3 hours ago, Ajzigz said:

    Good day,

    I am looking at some speakers for sale with the following information….just trying to make sure they are legit, and not counterfeit Klipsch speakers.  Can anyone provide any insight?

    Here are the numbers provided:

    P/N: 09000431121


    S/N: 108944 & 10945

    W/O: 22760 (this may be “22/6U” it’s hard to read on the label.)


    the label says manufactured by Klipsch and associates 

    P.O. Box 688 

    Hope, Arkansas 71801


    Anything special I should be considering or aware of with these speakers?  Appreciate all of your collective wisdom!

    I’ll ask you one question: have you or anyone you know ever bought what ended up being counterfeit Klipsch speakers?

  9. On 3/5/2024 at 6:03 PM, hernamf said:

    I live in Peoria, IL, and I cannot find a single Klipsch dealer that has a pair of LaScala AL5s on a showroom floor to listen to. I'm willing to drive across the border to Iowa if necessary.  Does anyone know where in IL I can find a set of AL5s to listen to?  Thanks in advance!


    Klipsch has a Heritage dealer locator that lists what speakers they have set up.  When I typed in Peoria, the closest place that came up that has LaScalas is Sundown One in Springfield.


    Klipsch Authorized Audio Speaker Dealer Locator | Klipsch

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  10. 2 hours ago, Shan361 said:

    Just took them to the other side of the room away from other electronics. Did a reset and still popping and although I can connect through blue tooth no sound. I pulled the amp and found nothing but hoped breaking the electrical connection might fix it but no luck. All speakers are still popping. 

    Sounds like a failing amp unfortunately.  I would highly suggest a pair of passive speakers for your next ones, powered by a receiver.  Speakers themselves rarely fail unless highly abused.  That way if your receiver were to fail you can keep your speakers and just replace the receiver.

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